Review: Sugino OX901D Compact Plus Crankset – Need low gears?

For those of us looking for a solution to gravel climbing challenges… like “I’m challenged by climbing”, there are now a number of solutions to getting lower gearing than standard road cranksets. If you have an MTB crank, stop reading here, because you already have low gears. However, I am particularly bothered by the Q-factor of […]

Sac O Suds 50 Race Report 2015 – Dr. Pain’s Perspective

Presumably named after the convenience store in the movie My Cousin Vinny, the Sac O Suds 50 was held on Halloween 2015. It was called the 50 but it was really 46 and most were glad to have the four mile handicap. Approximately 50 riders of various shapes and sizes on a number of mounts […]

Hell Hole Gravel Grind Stage Race Report: by Dr. Pain

Where the Hell is Hell Hole? It’s in South Carolina, in the Francis Marion National Forest, near Charleston, and very close to nowhere. The race is a 2 or 3 stage race that was held September 18-20. I say 2 or 3 because the Friday night prologue time trial was optional. There was some sort […]

Honey Bee Stinger 100Km 2015 Ride Report: by Dr. Pain

About the Honey Bee Stinger 100K The Honey Bee Stinger 100K is an off-road endurance cycling event held on Saturday, May 16th 2015, in Hahira, Georgia.   Dr. Pain’s Ride Report At the sprightly hour of 7:00am, Dr. Pain, Jimbo, Pfaff Daddy, and the venerable K-Dogg, departed Gainesville, Florida, destination Hahira, Georgia, for the gentle […]

GCX Worlds – Tuesday 3rd of February 2015, and a case of the Qantas Legs

This report comes to you from Dr Pain: GCX World’s aka World’s Tallest Leprechaun Contest Report for February 3, 2015 An astonishing fourteen lucky Leprechaun’s showed up for this week’s contest at DeSoto Park.  A quick glance around the parking lot led a sinking realization that there was potential for heavy damage, or I mean, […]

VIDEO: Piggy’s Revenge Race 2015

First there was Dr Pain’s race report, now there is his race video. This is Dr Pain’s first attempt at a video and editing, and we appreciate his efforts.  We hope you do too.  I (JOM) did get a little creative with the video hosting due to the usual issues, but please enjoy the video […]

Piggy’s Revenge Race Report 2015

Piggy’s Revenge 2015 – Race Report – Courtesy of Dr Pain January 11, 2015 Three Gainesville Lads traveled to Venice (not Italy), Florida for this year’s World’s Tallest Piggy race.  Dr. Pain, Pfaff Daddy, and Pfaff Junior attended. The CycleLogic p/b BikeWorks kit was a wee bit too conspicuous for Dr. Pain, who considered comments […]

Training Ride 101 – Tuesday / Thursday Tallest Leprechaun Championships Report

This posting courtesy of Dr. Pain, reporting in JOM’s absence. Tuesday 12/2/2014 and Thursday 12/4/2014. Tuesday Stage: Thirteen Leprechauns showed up to contest the TLCR tonight.  One Aussie Leprechaun showed up in his car to complete some nefarious financial transaction, but he did not bring his bike.  Instead he had some lame excuse about being […]