specialized recon 3.0 shoe review

Comfy to Ride in, Comfy to Hike in: Specialized Recon 3.0 Mountain / Gravel Bike Shoes + Real Weights!

Recon, the Specialized shoe sans numerals following its name, is the nomenclature reserved for the top-flight off-road shoe offering from the company, the S-Works Recon. S-Works anything from Specialized represents the epitome of weight, style, efficiency and stiffness but budget-friendly, not so much. Remember the old adage, cheap, light or durable, pick two. This isn’t […]

panaracer gravelking purple olive mustard

NEW Colors for Panaracer Gravelking & Gravelking SK Tubeless Tires: Purple, Mustard & Olive!

Panaracer Gravelking and Gravelking SK tyres are arguably the best-selling gravel tyre available today, a place they hold despite being introduced to the market several years ago. Reviewed by JOM of Gravel Cyclist way back in 2016, this stalwart performer has become the go-to tyre for the Gravel Cyclist crew, particularly when riding in unchartered […]

zipp Tangente Course G40 gravel tire

Zipp launches the Tangente Course G40 Tubeless Tire: “Smooth Control Over Untamed Roads”

“Zipp’s new Tangente Course G40 (700x40c) is a purpose-built tubeless gravel/off pavement tire for smooth control over untamed roads. Grippy for aggressive riding, this tire provides the control and durability demanded by gravel, dirt, rocks, mud, whatever.” – Zipp “The Tangente Course G40 is a wide (40mm) tire designed for control, which in gravel translates […]

evil chamois hagar review

EVIL Chamois Hagar Gravel Bike Review: “Shred Comes to Gravel”

Founded in 1999 and born again in 2008, Evil Bikes is predominantly a company that produces mountain bikes. That was until Evil went a bit crazy sometime in 2019, looked around to see what everyone else was passing off as a bike for gravelly road fun, and designed the Chamois Hagar; their vision of the […]

ride farr wider drop bar handlebar

Ride Farr goes Wide – R with their Drop Handlebar

With the ever-changing growth and evolution of gravel riding, it is only natural for rider setup and equipment preferences to change. Much like the sport of mountain biking evolved from the narrow 580mm width handlebars of the 1990’s to the +720mm minimum width of today’s XCO and marathon bikes, gravel riders are now asking for […]

calfee classic adventure bike review

The Calfee Classic Adventure – The Back to the Future Bike: Made in the US of A

“Calfee Design, headquartered in La Selva Beach, California, is a designer and manufacturer of carbon fiber bicycle frames. Directed by Craig Calfee, the firm employs about 20 people building carbon and bamboo bicycle frames as well as repairing carbon frames from other manufacturers. Calfee built his first carbon fiber bike in 1987, the first all-carbon fiber frameset to […]

otso warakin titanium gravel bike review

Otso Cycles release the Warakin Ti: Efficient, responsive, sprightly titanium

Observant readers may have noticed a shiny titanium bike during last week’s launch of HED’s Eroica Carbon wheelset. Hiding inside that press release within plain sight was the all-new Otso Cycles Warakin Ti. Because playing by the rules is good some of the time, particularly with respect to media embargoes, we had to wait until […]

dirty kanza 200 training for newbies

The Road to Dirty Kanza 200 2020 – Part Four – The Equipment: by Gravel Newbie, Caroline Worrall

It’s time for everyone’s favorite part. I will list my equipment and the changes I am considering, and everyone will let me know what solution is absolutely the best and why what I am considering is wrong. I’m not solidly wed to any plan at the moment and I get overwhelmed easily by lots of […]