Cannonball Gravel Race at FTF 2018 – Ozark, Illinois

October 13, 2018 @ 10:00 – 19:00
Camp Ondessonk
3760 Ondessonk Rd
Ozark, IL 62972
Jon Greenstreet

From the Promoter:

The Cannonball Ride Series is back and bigger than ever for this fall with a series consisting of three gravel adventure races throughout southern Illinois. The first in the series will take place at the Southern Illinois Fat Tire Fest on October 13th in beautiful Ozark, Illinois. This morning starts at 10am, Saturday, October 13th, leaving you plenty of time to drive in from anywhere in the Midwest. Come fueled up and ready for a challenge, the Gravel Road Race will roll at 10:15am for the first event of the 2018 Fall Cannonball Series; a 35-mile gravel race/grinder thru the hills, valleys, and creeks of deep southern Illinois. This course will present the most challenging terrain of any of the previous or remaining Cannonball races for the 2018 calendar with significant elevation, over 2000’ gained within the 3 35-mile course, and plenty of challenges on course for even the most seasoned gravellier. This race will finish at FTF HQ at CampO where a late lunch will be served while first round points are tabulated.

Following lunch and a bit of fun exploring Camp, we will host the second annual Gravel Crit World Championships. Seeing as how we have yet to be copied by someone doing it bigger and better we are going to continue flying the flag of world championship with this very unique one-mile gravel race course that circles Lake St. Isaac with a combination of gravel, funky road and just a bit of slick rock. Thirty (30) minutes of wheel to wheel racing will result in racers completing over 15 laps, combined with lots of tomfoolery results in of the most fun bike races ever. All Cannonballer’s are invited and encouraged to participate in this event, whether as one of the racers or just part of the audience, you are guaranteed a good time. Following the Gravel Crit we will serve dinner, some of the best BBQ in soILL, and do a quick awards ceremony for both the Gravel Race and the Gravel Crit before the one day Cannonballer’s head home.

The Whole Enchilada: Cannonballer’s are invited to experience the entire Fat Tire weekend, with the opportunity for an additional gravel grinder “opener” on Friday, tons of great outdoor fun, great drinks, great food, MTB riding, hiking, climbing, paddling, live music, cool treehouse accommodations, an awesomely fun adventure race on Sunday; WAY more than just some riding in the woods, the best outdoor adventure weekend and party in all of the MidWest! Check out the entire event here: – if you are interested, look for the hookup deal for the Cannonball+FTF package on Cannonball signup page.

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