Chasing the Wind – Gravel Steeplechase (Fundraiser) – Jackson, Minnesota

September 7, 2019 @ 09:00 – 19:00
Fort Belmont
Belmont St
Jackson, MN 56143
Sam Espey

From the Promoter:

Chasing the Wind is a self-supported, checkpoint style, bike Steeplechase completed via Gravel Roads. The purpose of the Chase is to be a fundraiser for the creation of the Belmont County Park Off-Road Trails in Southwest Minnesota. At least 75% of your registration fee will go to help fund the trails. The Steeplechase will be completed on the over 850 (windy) miles of gravel roads in Jackson County Minnesota.

Participants will ride from Steeple to Steeple in any order and on any road (as long as it is gravel) in an orienteering punch card fashion. There will be two opportunities to race, Ozuye (Oh – zue – yea) or Oyate (oh – yah – Day) & the opportunity to just have fun, Oiyokiphi (oí – yo – ki – phi).

Ozuye is Lakota for Warrior and Oyate is Lakota for Tribe. The Ozuye (Warrior) competitors will complete the approximately 100-mile chase solo and self-supported. The Oyate (Tribe) competitors will complete the 100-mile chase as a team. Oiyokiphi is Lakota for Happy Times. The Oiyokiphi (Happy Times) riders will just be having fun as they pedal 25 miles at their own pace.

If you dare to accept the challenge you will receive your race map at check-in to plan your route. Your map will have off-limits roads/areas marked. However, it will not have the checkpoints. You will have to transcribe the locations on to your map. Your support crew will also be challenged as they will not know the checkpoints until the day of the race. Some checkpoints will have refreshments available for purchase from local fundraiser groups. The first one to reach all checkpoints and return to the finish line wins!

You will have 10 hours to complete the Chase. After 10 hours race officials will attempt to contact you and assist in your safe return to the finish line. There will be an awards ceremony at the conclusion of the Chase (approximately 7:30pm).

Wind is NOT guaranteed.

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