El Camino 105 – Palestine, Texas

September 28, 2019 @ 06:00 – 23:45
City Park
301 E Crawford St
Palestine, TX 75801
Dave Morrow

From the Promoter:

Tired of the 9-5, working for the man? Need to get out in nature? If so, you are sane! The Piney Woods offers new places to ride, share good times with pals, and experience very little traffic. Palestine, Texas, our host town for the Camino105, is a great headquarters for your adventure! FREE BEER at registration and after the ride courtesy of Michelob Ultra.

Camino routes have miles of beautiful gravel roads, shaded by trees, music provided by streams and birds, and hardly a car to be seen. We have spent many hours sourcing the freshest routes for your riding enjoyment. But be prepared for self-sufficiency, your companions are ‘possums and hawks, there ain’t no Denny’s Diner for 100 miles!

Our cycling routes traverse the old Spanish Camino Real, memorialized at Mission Tejas State Park. The park was built in 1934 by the Civilian Conservation Corps as a re-creation of Mission San Francisco de los Tejas, first established in 1690. The 105 routes have a check-in at Mission Tejas SP. The 105 route has about 4,600 feet of climbing – just enough to make it fun. The 65 even has some climbing too – what goes up…

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