Gippsland Gold – Yarragon, Victoria, Australia

March 14, 2020 @ 07:00 – 18:00
Uniting Church Hall
7 Campbell Street
Yarragon VIC 3823

GippslandGold2016From the Promoter:

Starting from Yarragon this ride uses unsealed, low traffic roads as it attempts to follow the most scenic route through the Strzelecki ranges to Foster and back.

It will be a long way between drinks on this ride as you stay well off the beaten track, and although you wont see much traffic you’ll need to carry enough food and water to manage the distances.

The last checkpoint is at Mirboo North where you can grab a coffee for a caffeine hit before the final climb of the day or take the more sedate approach and savor a glass of Gippsland Gold at the famous Grand Ridge Brewery. Pure liquid heaven.

Remember to allow more time than for a conventional 200km event when planing to do this ride, as there is approximately 3000m of ascent and a considerable amount of unsealed roads.

Please visit the Melbourne Randonneur Facebook page for more details.

4 comments on “Gippsland Gold – Yarragon, Victoria, Australia

    1. Hi Roger, we only list the events on behalf of promoters, so I’m not sure what’s going on there. However, I checked the link and it does indeed point to a Nike site. I looked a little further into it and found an alternative which I have re-linked. Hopefully this link is a little more informative.

      Thanks for chiming in.

  1. Just want to thank you and your event on behalf of the traders in Yarragon who are fighting tooth and nail to survive at the moment for your event taking up every available carpark in the town. With multiple sites at the edge of town for you to gather we greatly appreciate you taking the spots for a whole day again so people who pay for services are unable to stop and do so.your courtesy in this matter is greatly appreciated *dripping with sarcasm*

    1. Hello Yarragon Trader, your comment will fall on deaf ears to the promoter, because part of this website is an event calendar, a portal to the event itself. You’re best off complaining to the promoter, versus on this website, who have nothing to do with the event(s) listed. My comment is not dripping with sarcasm but to point out, do some research before complaining here.

      Thanks and good luck!

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