Gravel Rallye Black Forest – Breitnau, Germany

July 20, 2019 @ 00:00 – July 21, 2019 @ 23:45
Gravel Rallye Black Forest
Dorfblick 9
79874 Breitnau
Team Hirsch-Sprung

Gravel Rallye Black Forest through graveled roads and legalized trails, streets and old towns, 90% Gravel. Ride the nicest parts of our home in the black forest and see valleys, mountains and more. GPS tracks will guide you and our Poker Ride on Tour, is fun too. Visit for Saturday’s race with a “come-together” BBQ!

Three variations:

Rallye Bronze: ca. 34 km / 700 hm Named: Wälder
Rallye Silber: ca. 82 km / 1.400 hm Named: Gesetzloser
Rallye Gold: ca.113 km / 2.700 hm Named: Sauchaib

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