Gravelocity – Troutville, Virginia

January 14, 2018 @ 10:00 – 17:00
2679 Trinity Rd
Troutville, VA 24175

From the Promoter:

GRAVELOCITY = FREE 94, 50 and 26-mile super-premier gravel grinder adventure rides!

Wes Wilmer will have a huge bonfire roaring before 9am so riders and spectators can stay toasty warm at the ride start!

8am = 94 milers
10am = 50 milers
12 noon = 26 milers
How to Navigate Gravelocity routes using the Strava app on your smartphone:

To get everyone rolling at times that will reasonably have most finished and at the Flying Mouse Brewery between 3 and 5 the above staggered start times have been selected. Even if you’re not riding at 10am you can get cozy by the fire and cheer on the 50 mile riders as they start!

This event is the brainchild of endurance athlete Brian Lang and each route was expertly hand crafted by Kyle Inman and Jeff Cheng!

Start / Finish site is the beautiful home of Virginia’s endurance cycling legend Wes Wilmer.
Map to Start / Finish:
Please pull up into his driveway and park in the expansive field behind the barn.

The Routes:
Gravelocity 94 [8am Start]

Gravelocity 50 [10am Start]

Gravelocity 26 [12 noon Start]

GPX File Folder (for navigational use)

After party hosted by/at Flying Mouse Brewery and El Budare Grill will be on-site with fantastic foods!

Riders head over to Flying Mouse Brewery as soon as you finish! (Just 4.5 miles from the Gravelocity Start / Finish)

221 Precast Way
Troutville, VA
TEL: 540-992-1288

Navigation: The routes are **not** marked. These are adventure rides, and if you are familiar with navigating via GPX files, Strava a Garmin (or similar) you should have no trouble staying on your chosen course. If not, stay with someone who is familiar with the route and learn to navigate. The best iPhone app for navigation is GaiaGPS (see discussion post with GaiaGPS navigation instructions).

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