Hansens Cykelløb (Hansen´s Bike Race) – Jægerspris, Denmark

August 26, 2017 @ 10:00 – 17:00
Hansen Ice Factory
Landerslevvej 5
3630 Jægerspris
550 KR
53 71 17 07

From the Promoter:

Hansen’s cycling race is the first race ever, combining about 130 km of cross-biking with a truly gastronomic experience. The race is based on the Danish tradition of good clean raw materials and cycling in the most beautiful scenery.

Hansen’s cycling trip takes us through the best of North Zealand and consists of about 130 beautiful km distributed on gravel, soft single tracks and little asphalt between forests and trails.


We ride on asphalt, gravel and light single tracks – it is best ridden cyclocross or gravel bike bike.

A Gran Fondo or regular racing bike with coarse or wide tires can also work smoothly. A mountain bike is also an option, but it may feel heavy on the long asphalt trains, and there will be no technical tracks suitable for this.

Promoter’s Facebook Page (Dutch)


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