Kingdom Graveleur KG3.0 – Concorde, Vermont

June 22, 2019 @ 07:00 – 16:00
4292 Kirby Mountain Rd
Concord, VT 05824

From the Promoter:

I’m setting the date for the Kingdom Graveleur KG3.0 group adventure ride. This year’s course will be similar to last year’s course and incorporate some of the same features but will also have some changes.

I will build in numerous optional extra credit sections or variant offshoots the same as last year that will allow the groups on the road to overlap and regroup from time to time and also allow us to finish together.

Expect just over 100′ of gain per mile and just about 100 miles for the full loop with an extra credit that is a bit more and another option that is a bit less. As always it is self-supported and self-navigated based on GPS or if need be, following others or tracks in the dirt.

Post ride festivities are again planned for the start and finish at Kingdom Graveleur Gravel Camp. We will also have limited space for bunking but a fair amount of tent space.

And the best part, as always this ride is free. Just a bunch of like-minded folks getting together and going out for a bike ride. To get on the notification list request an add to the KingdomGraveleur Google Group.

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