Mt Hood Gravel Grinder – Parkdale, Oregon

July 8, 2017 @ 07:00 – 17:00
Tollbridge Park
Tollbridge Park
Toll Bridge Rd, Mt Hood, OR 97041


From the Promoter:

Once known for hosting one of the largest professional cycling events in the country, the Mt. Hood Cycling Classic, the roads of the Mt. Hood Gravel Grinder are like nothing you will find anywhere in the US. Reminiscent of the big mountain roads of the Tour de France ,the Mt. Hood Gravel Grinder will start in Parkdale, Oregon at the picturesque Toll Bridge Park. The park is located next to the east fork of the Hood River providing a cool shade and water in the heat of the summer. Exiting the park Big Grind riders will embark on an epic loop that circumnavigates the iconic and scenic Mt. Hood. They will utilize the beautiful asphalt on Highways 35 and 26 to gain speed and elevation before launching into the real challenges of the day, Lolo Pass and Vista Ridge. The first provides riders with a gradual 20 mile climb on paved roads that run deep into the Mt. Hood National Forest. The road is so narrow that it resembles more like a paved bike path than an actual road. Once you crest Lolo Pass it is a quick smooth gravel desent north towards Hood River. Before reaching Hood River riders will again veer off onto a narrow single lane road that climbs to the top of Vista Ridge with amazing views of Mt. Adams, Mt. Rainer, Mt. St. Helens, and of course Mt. Hood await. A fast techinal decent back down into the Hood River Valley delievers riders back to Toll Bridge Park. Small and Medium Grinder rides will start by heading the opposite direction retracing the roads used by the famous 3 Summits Road Race the final stage of the Mt. Hood Cycling Classic. Narrow single lane Forest Service Roads take riders up past Lost Lake, and across the many streams and rivers that feed the Hood River. They will join the with the Big Grind course at the base of Vista Ridge for the climb up and over the ridge and the trip back to Parkdale.

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