Mudcrutch Gravel Team Trial Ride – Lake City, Florida – CANCELLED

January 28, 2018 @ 09:00 – 15:30
Florida Welcome Center, right near Webb’s Antique Mall (park behind the center)



Teams of FIVE cyclists, comprised of Men, Women or Co-ed, will ride a 61 mile course, in the safest and most rapid time possible.  Remember, this is a ride, and not a race.  Do it at your own risk.

Cyclocross and Gravel bikes HIGHLY recommended. Road bikes are not suitable!

Timed Event:

Each team of five riders will depart at five-minute intervals, with the clock stopping when the fifth rider crosses the finish line. There are three store stop options along the route, whether you choose to stop is your choice.

As alluded to earlier, cyclocross or gravel bikes are highly recommended. Terrain will vary from smooth pavement to washboarded, sandy, gravel or potholed limerock roads.

Riders are expected to follow the “Gentlemen’s Code” and not put themselves, their team, or other road users at risk.

For this event, there are NO limitations on team members. By that we mean, we don’t care about licensed race categories or such. If you want to bring along a full sandbagger team of all Cat 1’s, have at it. The emphasis is on having fun!

Facebook Event Page for the latest updates – more information and team registration HERE.

4 comments on “Mudcrutch Gravel Team Trial Ride – Lake City, Florida – CANCELLED

    1. Hey J RT… technically it is five bicycles, but I am not a stickler about hardcore rules 🙂 If you bring two tandems capable of riding on dirt and gravel roads, and a single bike as well, I say it is in!

      This event is all about fun, hope to see you… is that you Jack?

  1. Can I ride the course as a solo just for fun. I will be in town from Knoxville, TN and was looking for a good ride on that Sunday

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