Perry Roubaix – Stillwater, Oklahoma

November 17, 2018 @ 09:30 – November 18, 2018 @ 17:00

From the Promoter:

The Anti-Race. 

The Perry-Roubaix is a rowdy irreverent off-pavement bicycle adventure from Lake McMurtry, outside of Stillwater Oklahoma to the small town of Perry Oklahoma. The Perry-Roubaix course has been carefully composed of the finest dirt roads that the countryside has to offer, and artfully capped at 69 miles, because we think that shit is funny.

Most of the cycling related events throughout the country center on competition, and The Perry-Roubaix is no different. Entrants will be judged arbitrarily and without mercy, on costume choice, party fouls committed, level of Dad-joke capability, the elaborate-ness of their on-bike picnic lunch and anything else that the super-secret judges deem useful and/or funny.

Participants ARE REQUIRED to camp at the lake on Saturday, November 17 before the ride. The ride itself will take place on Sunday, November 18. For other details, see

The Perry-Roubaix IS NOT A RACE. In fact, the person who finishes the course first will be penalized an undetermined number of points and forced to chug a lukewarm bottle of Miller High Life (the Champagne of Beers) at the finish line.

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