Rose Mountain Rumble – Lyndeborough, New Hampshire – Cancelled

August 22, 2020 @ 08:00 – 18:00
Lyndeborough Center Hall
1131 Center Rd
Lyndeborough, NH 03082
Chris Wells


From the Promoter:

Gravel. Dirt. Gravel Grinder. Call it what you want. Jest at what you may refer to as “that’s just a road ride”. One thing is for certain: The Rose Mountain Rumble is one heck of a ride! We’ve unlocked all the best-kept secrets of Southern New Hampshire’s vast network of well-maintained dirt roads and selected courses to give novice riders a taste of adventure while putting the hardiest of seasoned veteran cyclists skills to the test. The RMR’s courses twist and wind their way through old dirt roadbeds long-forgotten linking quaint New England town centers akin to a snapshot from our nation’s scrapbook. Riders will enjoy peace and quiet from the bustle they call home. Trace your way through historic, rock wall lined, narrow roads that lead to scenic overlooks. You haven’t truly ridden until you’ve ridden the Rose Mountain Rumble.

One thought on “Rose Mountain Rumble – Lyndeborough, New Hampshire – Cancelled

  1. Road the 2019 100k course today, not bad. Nice hills, little bit o pavement that I could have done without, but all the pave sections were short. Good course

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