Saluda Roubaix 68 – Batesburg-Leesville, South Carolina

April 28, 2019 @ 10:00 – 15:00
Derrick Park
2584 Derrick Park Rd
Leesville, SC 29070
Vince McCall

From the Promoter:

Saluda Roubaix and 28AVG nonprofit 100 percent give all proceeds to benefit US Military Endurance Sports — checkout

US Military Endurance Sports, US Military Veterans and Service Members are invited to attend SR68 as our honored guests — please connect here —
46 différent nouveaux —
68 différent nouveaux —

SR2019 remote all road race — dirt, gravel, bedrock, farmland, timberland, countrified bridges, levees, rustic asphalt, fast asphalt, no towns, one specifically remote ball field, and 100 percent American flag.

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7 comments on “Saluda Roubaix 68 – Batesburg-Leesville, South Carolina

  1. Registration will go up Feb 4 — the event will not be free { unless you can bring Bootlegger 100 plate and finish results, then you race Saluda Roubaix free — David Hall, The Southeast Endurance Project }

    1. Please ask any questions you have about the event directly to the promoter. The calendar only lists events on their behalf. Thanks!

    1. Johnny, you need to post all questions directly to the promoter. We only list the events on our calendar on their behalf.


    2. Working things out in January, but there will be different payout J. Mitchell, since Saluda Roubaix is aiming to donate as much as possible to USMES. Field is expected to grow this year as USMES Elite Team riders will be present and promoting SR68 as well. We’ve made the route more interesting and added 10 mi. — 53% dirt and gravel. Feel free to contact 28AVG directly

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