Standard Deluxe Dirt Road Century – Waverly, Alabama

October 20, 2018 @ 08:00 – 17:00
1015 Mayberry Ave
Waverly, AL 36879


From the Promoter:

We hope you like beer…

Are you ready for 100 miles of smooth, flowing, red, dirt roads? Waverly, Alabama is home to some of the most highly concentrated dirt roads in Alabama. Starting at the folksy Standard Deluxe music venue, we will be cruising a 100 and 60-mile loop during a self-supported dirt road race. Whether you are just looking to finish this adventure or crush the competition, come on out and join us.

The Self Supported Ethic

This Dirt Road Century will inspire the Self Supported Ethic, in which it was originally developed and ridden. Riding bicycles self-supported is:



Confidence Inspiring

Preparation for Other Hardcore Races

That being said, we will offer limited aid stations along the route (one for the 60 and two for the 100). Those stations will include food and water, however, if riding self-supported is your style, then we very much encourage you. Please bring a GPS unit with the route already uploaded.

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