The Hungry Bear 100 – Cable, Wisconsin

May 12, 2018 @ 08:00 – 17:00
WI 54821

From the Promoter:

The 2018 Hungry Bear 100 is presented by Terrene Tires, and supported by TwinSix and Wolftooth Components. We owe them tremendous thanks for backing our events, and bearing the cost of putting them on so that we can continue to accomplish our goals.

We are also happy to introduce Tilly’s Pies – a new pie shop right next to River’s Eatery, from the owners of River’s Eatery.  With your registration this year, you will get a free slice of pie at the end of the event!

We have a great course in store for you this year, some new surprises after the event and below is all the info you could ever want about race day!

Who: You and, and up to 200 other gravel riders

What: 60 or 100 miles of gravel in Bayfield County

When: 9:00 am start for the 100 mile, 9:10 am start for the 60 mile

Where: Cable, WI

Why: To do a true wilderness gravel race, away from it all, and being self-reliant

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    1. Larry, we list the events on our calendar on behalf of the promoter. Sometimes, race information is changed after we receive it. You are best contacting the promoter through the link on the calendar entry for the latest info. Thank you.

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