2016 Gravel Worlds Interview: Kuat Racks / #racklove Crew

Pirate Cycling League’s Gravel Worlds – We caught up with the Kuat Racks / #racklove Crew for a brief interview on the eve of the 2016 Gravel Worlds. These lads are veterans on the gravel roads of Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and probably a few other places… Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to Like the Gravel […]

2016 Gravel Worlds Interview: Matt Gersib – Former Cargo Bike Champ – Lincoln Info & Bike Setup

Pirate Cycling League’s Gravel Worlds – We caught up with Matt Gersib, 2014 Cargo Bike World Champion for some course insight and bike setup relating to gravel road cycling around Lincoln, Nebraska. Food for thought in 2017? Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to Like the Gravel Cyclist Facebook page, follow G.C. on Instagram and subscribe […]

VIDEO: 2016 Gravel Worlds: 145+ Miles in Lincoln, Nebraska!

Saturday, August 20, 2016. JOM, K-Dogg and Mrs K-Dogg of the Gravel Cyclist crew flew 2 x steel Ritchey Breakaways and 1 x titanium Ritchey Breakaway along with tools, clothing, food and other stuff – to race 145+ miles and over 7,500 feet of climbing in Nebraska – at the unofficial World Championships of Gravel – Gravel Worlds […]

2016 Gravel Worlds Race Report – Lincoln, Nebraska: by JOM

Gravel Worlds – a light-hearted homage to the real deal on the pro road racing circuit but on gravel roads in Nebraska. With race categories such as cargo bike world champion, you would expect attendees don’t take this race too seriously. I’d hazard a guess that 90% of attendees don’t give a crap and just […]

VIDEO: Disassembling and packing a Ritchey Breakaway Gravel Bike for Travel – Time Lapse

The Gravel Cyclist crew attending the 2016 Gravel Worlds in Lincoln, Nebraska had their final shakedown ride the weekend before the big race. You can read about that ride HERE. Before the crew can fly to the race, the Ritchey Breakaway race bikes need to be disassembled and packed for the trip. JOM of Gravel Cyclist […]

Preparation: What to carry for a 150 mile race like Gravel Worlds?

Saturday, August 20 marks the 2016 Gravel Worlds race in Lincoln, Nebraska. If you are a regular follower of the Gravel Cyclist website, you’ll know the three-person crew of K-Dogg, Mrs K-Dogg and JOM have been steadily knocking out miles for the race. Part of preparation involves bike setup – you can see JOM’s race bike in […]