Race Report: 2016 Love Valley Roubaix – by K-Dogg – “Loincloths in Love Valley”

When I was a child I wanted to be “Boy” from the old Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan movies. I was too hyperactive for school and day dreamed about running around all day in tight animal skin loincloths fighting rhinos or rabid chimpanzees. Not much has changed except now I run around all day in tight lycra, fighting […]

VIDEO: 2016 Love Valley Roubaix – Love Valley, North Carolina

Sunday, March 21, 2016, JOM and K-Dogg of Gravel Cyclist made the trip from Gainesville, Florida, to Love Valley, North Carolina, to attend the 2016 Love Valley Roubaix – Race #1 in the Appalachian Grinder Series! First there was the ride reports from JOM and K-Dogg of Gravel Cyclist. Now there is the video featuring the camera footage […]