pivot cycles vault gravel bike

Pivot Cycles releases an all-new Vault Gravel Bike – Customize your Seatpost Flex!

Pivot Cycles was founded in 2007 and renown as a company who pushes the boundaries of bike design and related technology. Inside their facility reside two 3D printing machines which further their goals for innovation; CNC machining and in-house manufacturing provide the capability to handle initial production runs, construction of race team bikes and prototypes. […]

Dirty Kanza 200 2019. Some Kind of Redemption – by K-Dogg

Bicycle Boomers What an amazing time to be old! What an amazing time to ride a bike! How amazing that more than eighty-one 60 + year olds lined up for this brutally hot and hilly two hundred mile course! Dozens of us old guys finished ahead of many guys half our age. When did this […]

otso waheela c gravel bike review

Gravel Bike Review: Otso Waheela C – HUGE Tire & Mud Clearance!

“Gravel Racing and So Much More” – Otso Cycles “Waheela® C finishes what Waheela S started. It’s a no-nonsense gravel killer from a straight-talking, engineering-driven brand.” If the name Otso doesn’t ring a bell, Otso Cycles is a subsidiary of Wolf Tooth Components. “Choose your own adventure with our new Waheela C. Set it up […]

Podcast: A conversation with Juan De La Roca and the concept of a gravel destination – and Tom Boss of the Marin County Bike Coalition

Our partner in podcasting, The Gravel Ride Podcast, had a conversation with Tom Boss from the Marin County Bike Coalition announcing the Adventure Revival Event in September and Juan De La Roca talking about the concept of a gravel destination. You can also find The Gravel Ride on iTunes and Spotify. Adventure Revival Event – Marin […]

Race Report: Single Speeding at the 2019 Dirty Kanza 200 – by Adrienne Taren

So. Historically I don’t write much about DK. JOM does pretty comprehensive coverage and everybody and their dog writes a DK race report. But this time, a whole buncha people went by me and yelled “write your story!” Either because they mistook me for a smaller Alison Tetrick, or because I probably looked like I […]

how to descend on a gravel bike

How to Descend on a Gravel Bike – Including Tips from Dave Zabriskie and others!

This is a video I’ve been contemplating producing since late 2014. However, it took that long for technology to catch up with the development of drone cameras and so on, in addition to capturing several years of footage from multiple gravel races and rides where descending was a factor. In addition to JOM’s demonstrations in […]

2019 elrods cirque race report

Race Report: 2019 Elrod’s Cirque + Mud (Winfield, Kansas) – by Adrienne Taren

I could probably just save myself several years of trouble and preemptively send JOM race reports from Elrod’s Cirque 2020, 2021, and 2022. They will all just say “Bobby Smith planned a race in Winfield, Kansas, and then it [insert extreme weather condition here.] Elrod’s Cirque, however, was one of my favorite adventures last year […]