hed cycling eroica carbon wheelset review

Press Release: HED Eroica Carbon is a “purebred carbon gravel bike wheel”

HED Cycling may very well have been the company that kick-started the wider is better evolution of rim design. I distinctly remember their first rim profiles that touted a wider inside rim diameter, somewhere around 2009. A little later, I tried a competitor’s wider is better road wheelset, and noticed how the 23mm roadie tyre […]

choosing a gravel bike handlebar

How to Choose Gravel Handlebars: Curve Walmers, PRO Discover, Ritchey Ergomax & more!

Once upon a time, the word “gravel” brought contempt and disdain if you dared mention it around the average lycra-clad roadie cyclist. The sheer thought of plastering one’s Colnago in crap was a feat reserved for professional cyclists once a year at that absolutely mad event, Paris Roubaix. Yes, let’s go race across cobblestones at […]

katie compton dirty kanza 2020

Press Release: Katie Compton to attend Dirty Kanza! (with Knight Composites)

15-time National Cyclocross Champion, Katie Compton, is putting away her mud tires and will throw down on the roads of the 2020 Dirty Kanza for the first time ever. Top-level pro athletes and high performing amateurs alike will be racing this Holy Grail of Gravel events that started back in 2006 when Gravel events weren’t […]

dirty kanza 200 training for newbies

The Road to Dirty Kanza 200 2020 – Part Three: by Gravel Newbie, Caroline Worrall

I began my official Dirty Kanza training on February 17th, and while you might think that fourteen weeks isn’t nearly enough time to train for a 200-mile gravel race (and you would be right), I’m coming off a pretty good base. Living in Florida means year-round outdoor riding, even if we do complain that it’s […]

mammoth tuff california gravel race

Inaugural Mammoth Tuff Gravel Race Set for Mammoth Lakes, California!

As John Muir said, “The mountains are calling,” and Mammoth Lakes is the gateway to mountain adventure. This famous quote is printed on an enormous sign at the entrance to town and reminds every visitor of the adventures that await. On September 19, 2020, this iconic mountain town is hosting a gravel event, Mammoth Tuff. […]

2020 t-lab all-terrain x3 gravel bike review

T-Lab All-Terrain X3 Titanium Gravel Bike Review: with Shimano GRX Di2

“We meticulously engineer, manufacture and finish every T-Lab frame out of our headquarters in Montreal, Québec.” “To redefine what’s possible with titanium, our engineering and design team is urged to innovate at all levels. Starting with the development of proprietary, precision forming techniques that allow us to radically shape the noblest of bike-building metals without […]

unpaved podcast uk gravel cycling

First Adventure Cycling & Bikepacking Podcast launches in the UK; Introducing Unpaved Podcast 

The wait is over for a UK-centric gravel, adventure and bikepacking podcast, investigating the stories of riders, route masters and designers and their local trails. Unpaved Podcast explores the reasons why and how the off-road movement is booming, from frame design and local bike shops with an alternative twist to current pro road racer turned […]

boyd ccc gravel wheelset

Press Release: Boyd Cycling’s CCC Wheelset for Deep Gravel Travel

Boyd Cycling, craft wheel manufacturer, announces the latest in their vastly growing product line-up with the CCC, a gravel-specific wheelset built to take you far off the beaten path. The new lightweight, durable alloy wheelset complements Boyd’s current carbon Pinnacle 700c and Jocassee 650b offering and promises adventure at an affordable $700 price point. The […]

podcast gravel epic race series

Podcast: The Gravel Epic Race Series – Marrakesh, Slovenia, Girona & Mt. Etna

Our partner in podcasting, The Gravel Ride Podcast, spoke with Tim Kremer from the Gravel Epic race series; events in Marrakesh, Slovenia, Girona and Mt. Etna. Each event captures the local flavor and best routes designed by local gravel athletes. Gravel Epic Race Series You can also find The Gravel Ride on iTunes and Spotify. […]

dirty clare gravel ride clare valley

The Australian Summer of Gravel: Dirty Clare Pre-Ride – Clare Valley

The Australian Summer of Gravel: These videos come to you from the cameras of JOM of Gravel Cyclist, visiting his Aussie homeland during late December 2019, into January 2020. The Southern Hemisphere sees the seasons effectively reversed from the North; cars and bicycles travel on the other side of the road, whilst vehicles are Right […]

hammerhead karoo review

Hammerhead Karoo GPS Computer – Long-Term Review: by Rusty D

During a presentation, the founder and CEO of Hammerhead stated their company’s focus is the digital experience of cycling by specifically solving the interaction with data while riding a bicycle. Their inaugural device, the Hammerhead One, was designed to use an accurate map of the best places to ride and a safe way to access […]

niner mcr 9 rdo full suspension gravel bike review

Niner MCR 9 RDO: Unboxing & Features of Niner’s full-suspension gravel bike!

I love this bike. Why? Because it single-handedly has broken my website daily visitor count and views record, twice! 🙂 Moving on from that fact, the Niner 9 RDO has been engineered by Niner to “Ride faster, go farther, stay longer”. This bike certainly won’t be for everyone, and if you feel the need to […]

giant charge pro shoe review

Review: Giant Charge Pro Gravel / Cyclocross / Mountain Bike Shoes

It is no surprise that Giant Bicycle is recognized as the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world. Their bikes can be seen everywhere in over 50 countries and 12,000 retail stores, but they started from humble beginnings. Here’s a little company history courtesy of that great online resource, Wikipedia. “Giant was established in 1972 in Dajia, Taichung […]