2020 transcontinental race

The Road to Transcontinental Race: Part Six by Sebastian Breuer

The rollercoaster is still going on, but firstly, the good news. On the 11th of June at 5 O’Clock in the morning, I began the longest ride of my lifetime, 430kms. Starting off in rainy conditions wasn’t too pleasant, but after two hours of riding the sun came out and I met two of my […]

gravel cycling around girona spain

Riding Gravel Bikes in and around Girona, Spain! – Part One of Three

Girona is a city in northern Catalonia, Spain, at the confluence of the Ter, Onyar, Galligants, and Güell rivers. The city had an official population of 101,852 in 2019. Girona is the capital of the province of the same name and also the capital of the comarca of the Gironès. Since much of the old […]

Ruckus Composites repairing carbon frames

Podcast: Ever wondered about repair options for a Carbon Frame? – Meet Ruckus Composites

Ever wonder what happens if you dent, ding or crack your fancy carbon frame? Our partner in podcasting, The Gravel Ride Podcast, pondered that question and decided to have a chat with the experts at Ruckus Composites. Shawn and Dan walked us through what can be done to salvage a damaged frame or component. Click […]

Ritte Satyr steel gravel bike review

Ritte Cycles Satyr Steel Gravel Bike: Long-Term Review!

“The road hasn’t always been paved. In fact, there haven’t always been roads. Or paths. Or tracts. Or trails. Somewhere along the way we became less rugged, more fearful of the woods and the desert. We became serious and conservative, riding for structured training rather than fun. It’s time to balance it all out – […]

lauf direct to you gravel bikes

Lauf Cycling turns a new leaf to become a Direct to Consumer Brand: Price Drops across the Board

“As of today, 07.07.2020, Lauf bikes will only be sold directly online by the people who make them, without intermediaries. When we entered the cycling industry, we had no ambitions becoming a wholesaler. We want to be a part of the cycling community. Not just a part of a supply chain. We want to connect […]

gravel cycling in southern georgia

Pelham, Baconton, Camilla & beyond… rambling about Georgia, USA

Circa May / June / July 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic continues to persist, but that isn’t stopping me from continuing my solo exploration of mixed-surface roads and towns far off the beaten track. My travel opportunities of late have been limited to weekend getaways as I simply refuse to fly at the time of this […]

drop bar mountain bike conversion

Drop Bar Mountain Bike Conversion aka “The Eldorado”: Built in 2015 for Taming Gnarly Gravel!

Meet a drop bar mountain bike converted to the rigors of gravel in 2015 – aka the “El Dorado” – created in the interest of a safer experience for taming the gnarlier side of gravel. Events, races and gravelly roads in states such as North Carolina and West Virginia can push the limits of conventional […]

gravel cycling near the baltic sea

A Gravel Ride by the Baltic Sea: Hansegravel by Timo Rokitta

Hanse is the name of the association of North German merchants between the mid-12th century and the mid-17th century, the aim of which was to promote free trade and common interests abroad. The first cities to form a covenant were Lübeck and Hamburg. Other coastal cities such as Lübeck, Hamburg, Bremen, Wismar, Rostock, Stralsund, Greifswald, […]