vittoria tierra gravel shoe review

Shoe Review: Vittoria Tierra Gravel Cycling Shoes – by Cathy Bester

“Vittoria has developed a new model of cycling shoe, entirely handcrafted in Italy, with great performance on both asphalt and off-road: Tierra, the new Gravel bike shoe.” – Vittoria Vittoria Cycling Shoes and Helmets was founded in 1976 by the former professional racing cyclist Celestino Vercelli. He works along with his son Edoardo, who carries […]

gellie tracka gravel bike review

Gellie Custom Engineered Bikes: Gravel Bikes & More, Hand-Made in Melbourne, Australia

“I can create a bike that fits you and handles better, perhaps in a way that you didn’t even realise was possible. There’s also a very healthy dose of little-understood engineering science in my process which boosts the lifespan and dependability of my frames. When you phone or email, you’ll be talking to me, Ewen […]

steamranger heritage railway

The Australian Summer of Gravel: Steam Trains & Gravel Roads = Multi-Modal Transport Bliss

The Australian Summer of Gravel: These videos come to you from the cameras of JOM of Gravel Cyclist, visiting his Aussie homeland during late December 2019, into January 2020. The Southern Hemisphere sees the seasons effectively reversed from the North; cars and bicycles travel on the other side of the road, whilst vehicles are Right […]

evil bikes chamois hagar podcast jason moeschler

Podcast: Evil Bikes, the Wild & Crazy Chamois Hagar, & Jason Moeschler

Our partner in podcasting, The Gravel Ride Podcast, got together recently with COO of Evil Bikes, Jason Moeschler to talk gravel, and discuss the wild and crazy, Chamois Hagar gravel bike. Be sure to check out Gravel Cyclist’s video review of the Chamois Hagar at this link. Evil Bikes Website – Evil Bikes Instagram You […]

allied able rapha colin strickland edition

Rapha + Allied Cycle Works + Colin Strickland collaborate on Limited Edition Able Gravel Bike

“For the Club’s latest collaboration, we combined with Dirty Kanza winner Colin Strickland and all-American bike manufacturer Allied to create the ultimate gravel bike, complete with a customised paint scheme designed with the man himself.” – Rapha Cycling Club Note from JOM – Unfortunately, this sweet collaboration is only available to members of Rapha’s Cycling […]

industry nine ul250 carbon wheels

Industry Nine update their Ultralite 250 Carbon Rim into wheels for Gravel & CX

“Whether on the market for the ideal race-ready gravel wheelset or looking for the perfect “do it all” carbon offering for your drop-bar bike, our UL250c lineup is up for the challenge.” – Industry Nine JOM of Gravel Cyclist reviewed the original Ultralight CX 235 TRA wheelset, which features a robust, lightweight, aluminium rim, and […]

2019 sbt grvl video

RAW SBT GRVL, 2019 Edition: 80+ Minutes of Colorado Gravel – Perfect for your Indoor Trainer!

Looking for a distraction from hours of monotony on the indoor trainer? Or, riding SBT GRVL for the first time in 2020? This video comes to you from the cameras of yours truly during my initial foray into SBT GRVL, the 100-mile version. This is a RAW edit. RAW edit? There is no music during […]

specialized recon 3.0 shoe review

Comfy to Ride in, Comfy to Hike in: Specialized Recon 3.0 Mountain / Gravel Bike Shoes + Real Weights!

Recon, the Specialized shoe sans numerals following its name, is the nomenclature reserved for the top-flight off-road shoe offering from the company, the S-Works Recon. S-Works anything from Specialized represents the epitome of weight, style, efficiency and stiffness but budget-friendly, not so much. Remember the old adage, cheap, light or durable, pick two. This isn’t […]