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The Australian Summer of Gravel: Gravel Cycling Through the Adelaide Hills – Koalas & More

The Australian Summer of Gravel: These videos come to you from the cameras of JOM of Gravel Cyclist, visiting his Aussie homeland during late December 2019, into January 2020. The Southern Hemisphere sees the seasons effectively reversed from the North; cars and bicycles travel on the other side of the road, whilst vehicles are Right […]

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Podcast: The Peter Stetina Episode – The World Tour Pro who left to race Gravel in 2020

Our partner in podcasting, The Gravel Ride Podcast, spoke with former World Tour Pro, Peter Stetina this week to discuss his decision to leave the World Tour and race gravel in 2020. Check it out directly below! Peter Stetina’s Instagram You can also find The Gravel Ride on iTunes and Spotify. Automatic Transcription by The […]

curve cycling rocket pooch review

Curve Cycling Rocket Pooch Review: The Micro Pannier System – by James Smith

Bikepackers, randonneurs, and commuters are always looking for more thoughtful storage. The Curve Rocket Pooch is an interesting and unique approach to hauling some extra gear. Whether you’re bikepacking or just bringing along an extra layer, a quick and easily accessed spot to stash it all is paramount. Unless you mount the Rocket Pooch onto […]

farr aero carbon bolt-on v2 review

Farr Aero Carbon Bolt-On V2 Review: Aero on Gravel? More Hand Positions? –

“We’re a team of bike-minded individuals with a passion for all things bicycle.” – RideFarr “Always tinkering, always inspired by the freedom of riding our bikes and always thinking about how to offer products that are better suited to your needs and ours.” Gravel cycling has no rules, other than to have fun and do […]

2020 michigan coast to coast

The 2020 Coast to Coast Gravel Grinder: Michigan’s Lower Peninsula

Press Release Riders in the third annual Coast to Coast Gravel Grinder, presented by Salsa Cycles, will traverse 210 miles of fast gravel roads and challenging two-tracks, spanning Michigan’s lower peninsula. The race will not be known for its gravel, ironically, but for everything that’s NOT gravel – the forest roads, the two-tracks, the snowmobile […]

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The Not Knowing: An Adventure film exploring the Wilderness of the Pamir Mountains, Tajikistan – The Service Course

The Not Knowing “Peter always has a great sense of adventure. And the moment he said Tajikistan, I straight away said “ok cool, let’s go”. I had no idea what we were going to do… but in a way that’s what drew me to the experience. It was the not knowing.” ~ Christian Meier, former […]

final gravel cyclist video of 2019

Thanks for everything in 2019! Roll on 2020 / The New Decade… and a few Stats from Gravel Cyclist

APOLOGIES IN ADVANCE FOR THE AUDIO ISSUES IN THE FOLLOWING VIDEO! The following video was recorded on the last day of 2019 in Hawker, South Australia… it was windy as fark! I would like to extend a thank you to everyone who watches my content, writes in, comments and provides feedback, whether it be on […]

grinduro australia preview pre-ride

Grinduro Australia Pre-Ride: Falls Creek, Victoria, Australia

Grinduro – “A New Kind of Bike Race” – “In short, Grinduro is just what the name suggests: Gravel Road Race + Mountain Bike-Style Enduro = one long loop of pavement and dirt, where finishing times aren’t based on overall loop time, but four timed segments (each roughly five-to-seven minutes).” – “But Grinduro is […]

bastion cycles factory tour

Bastion Cycles: Combining 3D Printed Titanium Lug & Carbon Fibre Tubes – Melbourne, Australia, Factory Tour!

Bastion Cycles may not be a household name (yet), but the company’s work with 3D printed titanium lugs combined with carbon fibre tubes, set them apart from the crowd of bespoke frame builders. Like most small operations, Bastion has an interesting story of how it came to be. The founders of Bastion, Dean, Ben and […]

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Equipment & Bikes: What does it take to conquer 18,000kms from Cape North to Cape Town in 72 days?

Regular visitors to the Gravel Cyclist website will have followed along already, Jonas Deichmann crushed the former record in just 72 days, across all manner of road surfaces. For those who missed it, you can see Jonas’ chronicles linked below: Cape North to Cape Town Day 1 to 25 Cape North to Cape Town Day […]

inside curve cycling Australia tour

Inside Curve Cycling: Melbourne, Australia – Featuring Rhino, the Curve GMX+ and more!

“Life’s a grand adventure, which is enhanced by bikes. At Curve, we want to be part of a cycling community that loves sharing the roads, stories and environment we ride through. Bicycles are awesome and a means to building a better world… so join us for a ride.” – Curve Cycling Recently, we featured Curve’s […]