2020 Mississippi Gravel Cup press release

Mississippi Gravel Cup welcomes Lauf as the Presenting Partner for 2020

Ordinary Epics is excited to announce that Lauf will be joining Mississippi Gravel Cup as the 2020 Presenting Partner of the series, now in its third year. “Lauf has been all-in with Ordinary Epics from the beginning of our relationship, willing to join us in any adventure we put together”, said Jason Shearer, Co-Founder and […]

2019 sbt grvl photo gallery

2019 SBT GRVL Photo Gallery & Life at the Pointy End

“Perhaps one of the most memorable facets of the inaugural SBT GRVL race, which launched with three course distances that wove through the beautiful rural gravel roads in and around Steamboat Springs, Colorado, is the fact that the event drew 400 female riders. That’s just under 30-percent of the 1,500 riders who signed up to […]

sbt gravel 2019 race report

The 2019 SBT GRVL Experience – Steamboat Springs, Colorado

“SBT GRVL will be remembered for the beauty, challenge and for being the best overall racing experience in the United States for both racers and their families” – sbtgrvl.com That is a bold claim to make, but after making the trip to Steamboat Springs in August of 2018 for a media pre-ride and seeing the […]

enve builders summit 2019

ENVE Builders Summit combines Handbuilt Bikes & Grodeo Gravel Ride!

This past week, 20 custom frame builders gathered at ENVE Composites for the first annual Builders Summit and Open House, a multi-day event that brought some of the most renowned frame builders to Ogden, Utah. The collaboration between ENVE and the handmade builder community was multi-faceted and included discussions around current and future trends, and […]

parcours alta carbon gravel wheelset

Press Release: British-brand Parcours launch new Gravel Wheelset – The Parcours Alta

“British-brand Parcours has introduced an exciting new gravel wheelset to their range, the Parcours Alta.” PARCOURS – meaning the ‘profile of the race or stage route’ – was founded in the summer of 2016 by Oxford University Engineering graduate Dov Tate, after he discovered that there was something missing from the market; an affordably priced […]

lending teammates a hand

Lending Teammates and Friends a Helping Hand (Not Really)

In this video, the Gravel Cyclist crew demonstrates how to lend a hand to teammates and friends… not really. From the Single Reverse Shoulder Sling to the Reverse Team Time Trial, these training techniques are guaranteed to win friends and influence people in your local cycling community!* * = This video was filmed in the […]

sbt grvl 2019 pro start list

Press Release: SBT GRVL Leads with Values from Year One + the PRO start list

The inaugural event celebrates parity accomplishments, an equal race experience for all riders, and giving back to the local community. SBT GRVL, presented by Canyon Bicycles, is Colorado’s newest gravel bike race and celebration and kicks off in Steamboat Springs on this Saturday, August 17. Over 1500 riders from 49 states and seven countries will […]