jeroboam spain zero edition 2019

Jeroboam Spain: Edition One, 150kms of Gravel Fun from Girona – by Timo Rokitta

35 determined gravel cyclists arrived at the location of Rocacorba Cycling near Girona in late October 2019 to attend the first edition of Jeroboam Spain. After a few words of welcome by Edward Greene the organizer, riders departed at 9 o’clock on the 150-kilometer route. Half an hour later, the remainding riders left for the […]

Podcast: The Dead Swede – John Kirlin from Wyoming’s The Dead Swede Hundo Gravel Cycling Event

Our partner in podcasting, The Gravel Ride Podcast, spoke with John Kirlin of Wyoming’s The Dead Swede Hundo gravel cycling event. The Dead Swede – The Dead Swede Instagram You can also find The Gravel Ride on iTunes and Spotify. Automatic Transcription (please excuse all errors) John, welcome to the show. Thanks for having me. […]

red hills ride to fight diabetes thomasville georgia

Ride Video: 2019 Red Hills Ride to Fight Diabetes – Thomasville, Georgia

An adventure on the red clay roads around Thomasville, Georgia and beyond! All proceeds from this ride go directly to camp scholarships for kids with Type 1 Diabetes in North Florida and South Georgia. Riders could choose between 25, 50 and 75 miles of riding between Thomas County, Georgia and Jefferson County, Florida, and take […]

North Cape of Norway to Cape Town of South Africa 2019

From the North Cape of Norway to Cape Town of South Africa: Diary (Day 58 to 65) with Photos

If you missed this undertaking that began on September 8th, 2019, Jonas Deichmann is attempting to break a world record; riding 18,000km from the Arctic to Cape Town. He is accompanied by the photographer and long-distance driver Philipp Hympendahl. There will be many mixed-surface roads along the way. You can read more about Jonas’ adventure […]

2020 gravel epic girona marrakesh mt etna slovenia

Gravel Epic Races: New Challenges in Morocco – Sicily – Slovenia – Spain

Gravel Epic is a solo, non-stop endurance challenge on epic courses in stunning locations! This is a race series for serious gravel grinders, and to make it more interesting and challenging, all participants will collect points. The first three overall finishers and top athletes for each age group will be crowned Gravel Epic Queen and […]

3t exploro ready to paint whitetail bicycles

Featured Bike: 3T Exploro Whitetail Bicycles Edition with SRAM Eagle AXS

The 3T Exploro may have been introduced to the market a few years ago, but because of its thoughtful design with a focus on speed and aerodynamics – “go slow fast” – was a slogan for the 3T Exploro for a while – the bike still remains relevant and 3T has continued to update the […]

diy carbon bikes monster cross

DIY Carbon Bikes Monster Cross Build: Big Tires, Big Clearance, Big Fun!

“Quality carbon is light, stiff and allows for compliant and light components, and stiff, aero, wide, and light rims. And, when you buy factory direct from reputable factories and cut out the middle men and overhead, quality carbon components are a click away.” – DIY Carbon Bikes Trusted & Verified Manufacturing “Not all carbon is […]

enve composites wheel trade in trade up

Upgrade your Wheel Game with ENVE’s Trade-in, Trade-Up Program

ENVE is pleased to announce that their Trade-In, Trade-Up carbon wheel upgrade program is back for a limited time. This program allows current and aspiring ENVE consumers to trade in their used ENVE or Other brand carbon wheels, and upgrade to ENVE’s latest M Series, G Series, and SES wheel technologies. Here’s how it works. […]

shimano rx8 gravel shoe review

Shoe Review: Shimano RX8 Gravel Shoe – The Women’s Specific Edition

From Shimano: “The RX8 features a super-stiff and efficient full-length carbon outsole with a Shimano stiffness rating of 10 (out of 11). A precise fit is gained from a heel stabilizer, while minimal TPU lugs, micro toe armor, and an anti-slip pad create walkability and protection that is race-tuned for gravel. The cleat-pedal interface features a […]

gravel cycling in nairobi

Mr Todd’s Wild Ride: Mixed-surface cycling fun near Nairobi, Kenya!

On the roads and trails around Gravel Cyclist HQ here in North Florida, we encounter our share of wildlife – deer, turkey, skunks, opossums, tortoises, snakes, armadillos (mostly squashed), etc. A pretty impressive array by most standards. Recently I had the chance to take my riding with wildlife to another level in Kenya at the […]

2020 lynskey gr300 gravel bike

Lynskey Launches GR300 Adventure Edition: Road, Gravel, Rugged Commuter, Bike Packing

Who is this bike for? Adventure-focused riders who demand a bike that ticks all the boxes: road, gravel, rugged commuter, and bike packing. Those who long to ride on road one day and gravel the next, but crave that titanium comfort ride with a smooth finish. What the Adventure Edition is? Adventure-driven geometry designed for […]