mosaic cycles gt-1 titanium gravel bike

Featured Bike: Mosaic Cycles GT-1 – The Titanium Gravel Bike from Boulder, Colorado

“The tangible act of turning practical performance goals into a bike of singular personality and beauty. This is Mosaic Cycles, not confined by self-imposed limitations but rather working to embrace each rider’s aspirations.” – Mosaic Cycles “Underpinned by Mosaic’s values, each project is an expression of the Mosaic philosophy; one forged over many years of […]

bombtrack bicycles tuscany trail

Inside the Tuscany Trail with Bombtrack Bicycle Company

“Tuscany a succession of beautiful and unique landscapes. Medieval centres interspersed with a stunning nature shaped by man. Lines of cypresses, country houses, medieval villages, streets carved into the tough, marble quarries, the Maremma geometries drawn between sand bars and dunes, crystal-clear sea that refreshes sunny islands. This picture is completed by the unparalleled food […]

2019 gator grind jo dirt racing omaha georgia

VIDEO: 2019 Gator Grind Multi-Lap Gravel Race: Omaha, Georgia, USA

Part One of the inaugural Southern Brewery & Distillery Tour kicked off on October 5, 2019 at the Gator Grind, hosted by the Omaha Brewing Company and promoted by Jo Dirt Racing LLC. Omaha, Georgia, happens to be about 30 miles south of Columbus. Rusty and JOM of Gravel Cyclist made the trek from our […]

festka rover gravel bike

Featured Bike: Festka Rover – A Carbon Gravel Bike from the Czech Republic

“The Dream of a Perfect Bike: A small town boy, Michael Moureček had to overcome many obstacles on his way to becoming first, a professional track racer and later, a road cyclist. Intelligent and naturally curious, he took as much interest in the tools of his cycling trade as in the actual riding itself. An […]

camino del cid circular routes

The Circles of Cid: Camino del Cid – Gravel Cycling in Spain – by Timo Rokitta

After our adventure on the Camino del Cid in 2018 (link to Part 1 – Part 2), we moved back to Spain this year. But the way of el Cid has more to offer. To visit all the Knight’s historic sites, there are several Circular Routes that offer some gravel adventures.  Gallocanta Circular Route We […]

low mkiii gravel bike review

Featured Bike: Low// Bicycles MKIII Gravel Road – The Alumin(i)um Gravel Bike

“Low Bicycles is a small-scale manufacturer of some of the finest hand-crafted aluminum bicycle frames out there. We build bicycles that are desirable not simply because they are handmade in the U.S.A., but because they are well built, fast, beautiful, and above all else, capable of performing at the highest levels. We constantly strive to […]

paul component engineering factory tour

Paul Component Engineering Factory Tour: 30 Years of USA-Made Parts – Chico, California

2019 marks the 30th year of operations that Paul Component Engineering of Chico, California has been in business. The company is renown for its beautiful CNC machined parts, ranging from brakes, drivetrain parts, stems, hubs, cockpit goodies and more. The humble Paul quick release skewer was the first item off the production line way back […]

allied alfa allroad review

Featured Bike: Allied Alfa Allroad – The American-Made Carbon Allroad Bike

“The ALLIED Mission is to make the finest bicycles on Earth. We build them in the United States from the ground up: from design to engineering, to manufacturing. Our goal is to create high-performing, beautiful objects of lasting value. We operate responsibly and openly, in a reflection of the classic American values of ingenuity and […]

fara cycling f-gravel

Featured Bike: Fara Cycling F-Gravel Carbon Gravel Bike – Nordic Minimalistic Design

“At FARA Cycling we are as passionate about building bikes as we are about riding them. And we’ve dedicated countless hours to both.” – “Born from the principles of Nordic minimalistic design, our bikes are built to the most rigorous standards from the world’s finest components. Our collection of performance bicycles is ready to […]