look 765 gravel rs review

Gravel Bike Review: Look 765 Gravel RS – Stand out from the Crowd

“Think back to that rocky track you saw on the side of the mountain. Wait impatiently for those speed bumps on the tarmac, which are calling out to you… The limits placed on your road only trips will soon disappear with the 765 GRAVEL RS” – Look Cycle “The Look expertise and research that has […]

2019 crusher in the tushar

2019 Crusher in the Tushar – Alex Grant & Evelyn Dong Win the 9th Edition

All photos in this article by Cathy Fegan-Kim (Cotton Sox Photography) More than 600 riders, including a number of current and former U.S. professional national champions, descended on Utah’s Tushar Mountains for the ninth annual Crusher in the Tushar gravel event. After one of the fastest races to date it was professional mountain bikers Alex […]

panorama cycles anticosti gravel bike review

Press Release: Panorama Cycles Anticosti Steel Gravel Bike – Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Panorama Cycles Founded in 2016 by a former Guru Cycles engineer and an outdoor industry veteran, Panorama Cycles is a Montreal-based company with a focus on carbon and steel fat and gravel bikes. Highly active in the local Quebec and Ontario bikepacking scenes, Panorama’s primary mission isn’t epic trips undertaken by only the most elite […]

2019 red clay ramble report

Race Report: 2019 Red Clay Ramble – The Ultra Master Version (aka 60+ yo) – by K-Dogg

Over the years Gravel Cyclist has traveled thousands of miles back and forth across this awesome country doing gravel races in all kinds of terrain and weather. We’ve done Dirty Kanza 200, Crusher in the Tushar, Hilly Billy Roubaix, Gravel Worlds, Love Valley Roubaix, Pisgah Monster Cross, Southern Cross, Assault on Mount Currahee, D2R2, Vermont […]

yuri hauswald podcast

Podcast: A Conversation with Gravel Guru, Yuri Hauswald of Gu Energy Labs – Nutrition & Gravel Bike Suspension

Our partner in podcasting, The Gravel Ride Podcast, had a conversation with gravel guru, Yuri Hauswald of Gu Energy Labs, covering subjects such as nutrition for big rides and gravel bike suspension. This week’s tech corner on The Gravel Ride Podcast is sponsored by Thesis and covers the range of current suspension options for gravel […]

swapping tubeless tires and reusing tire sealant

How To: Swapping Tubeless Tires & Reusing Tubeless Tire Sealant

In this video, I demonstrate the process I use for swapping tubeless tyres and ideally, reusing as much as the sealant as possible from the original tubeless install. Your process may be different from mine, so feel free to post constructive comments. I forgot to mention in the video you can use a paper towel […]

2019 red clay ramble video

RACE VIDEO: 2019 Red Clay Ramble – 54 Miles of Dirty Fun in Eatonton, Georgia, USA

The Red Clay Ramble, a 54 mile / 86 kilometre-ish cycling ramble along the red clay roads of middle Georgia. Hosted by Chain Buster Racing, the ever-popular event has grown considerably in all aspects since the Gravel Cyclist crew’s first foray at the event, way back in 2014. Held on June 29, 2019, JOM, K-Dogg […]