2019 oklahoma gravel growler

Race Report: 2019 Oklahoma Gravel Growler – by Adrienne Taren (with Guest Commentary by Ben Taren)

From the promoters: “We set out to create the ultimate early season multi-strada event and we ended up with the Oklahoma Gravel Growler. This is a two-day festival celebrating getting outside, trying something fun with cool people and conquering old man winter! We have two courses laid out … short course which is 35’ish miles and the […]

2018 spotted horse ultra gravel race report

Race Report: 2018 Spotted Horse Gravel Ultra – The Wet Edition – by Adrienne Taren

The most appropriate way to start talking about this year’s (and my first) Spotted Horse Gravel Ultra is perhaps by talking about the aftermath. In the retelling and out-loud processing of all the cold, the mud, the rain, the hills, the several sets of plastic grocery bags attached to appendages, the most common question in […]

24 hours of cumming race report

Race Report: 2018 24 Hours of Cumming, Iowa, USA – by Adrienne Taren

To start off, here are the alternate names that I would like Steve Cannon to consider for this event in 2019: 24 Hours of Type 2 Fun. 24 Hours of Type 2 Fun and Let’s Be Real Maybe Some Type 3 Fun. 24 Hours of Hills and all the Hills and just when you thought […]

Race Report: 2018 Elrod’s Cirque, Winfield, Kansas – A rather muddy affair… by Adrienne

There are races that separate riders out during the actual race. And then there are races that separate riders out before they even start. A fairly last-minute whim to go ride my bike someplace else had me headed to the Flint Hills in my stereotypical Subaru at 4am on Saturday morning. I had briefly glanced […]

Race Report!: Dirty Fury Stage Race for 2018 – by Adrienne Taren

You may recall the Dirty Fury Stage Race from my 2017 recap, notable for 3 straight days of gravel craziness culminating in me missing a bag drop and my brain deciding I was dying from hyponatremia, hypoglycemia, and just Texas being Texas all at once, which all worked out swimmingly in the end, particularly after […]

Native Lands Tour: An Osage County Gravel Overnight – and Photo Essay by Adrienne Taren

When Oklahoma gravel gets attention, it’s usually in March when weather-hell suddenly breaks loose directly over Stillwater, like a tornado selective for rear derailleurs and brake pads. Flying quietly under the radar, however, is the Native Lands series of events out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Native Lands Classic in March is the “race” event, while […]

Ride Report: Roadrunner Rocks – Muenster, Texas by Adrienne Taren

From the ride organizer (Spinistry): “Our host is the amazing 4R Ranch Vineyards & Winery. A fantastic property with outstanding views and great terrain. The routes are almost exclusively hard packed gravel roads through the scenic Red River Valley. The course is marked and water tables/aid stations placed throughout the route. Camping will be available […]