all mountain style frame protection review

Review: AMS (All Mountain Style) Frame Protector Kit – By Big Head Todd

AMS (All Mountain Style) Universal Frame Guard – Extra is manufactured in Spain and includes 12 pieces in various sizes, ranging from 27x5cm down to 6x3cm. Unless you are planning to fully armor up your ride, this is probably enough for two bicycles. I received the ‘clear’ version which features a matte finish with a […]

gravel cycling in nairobi

Mr Todd’s Wild Ride: Mixed-surface cycling fun near Nairobi, Kenya!

On the roads and trails around Gravel Cyclist HQ here in North Florida, we encounter our share of wildlife – deer, turkey, skunks, opossums, tortoises, snakes, armadillos (mostly squashed), etc. A pretty impressive array by most standards. Recently I had the chance to take my riding with wildlife to another level in Kenya at the […]

cycling pennsylvania rothrock state park

A Divergent Gravel State of Mind – Early Spring in Pennsylvania

Little Five Peaks: All Around Rothrock When I recently found myself looking at most of an open day during a trip to Pennsylvania State University, I knew I had to look for a riding opportunity. You may have already read about JOM’s Pennsylvania adventures here or here. Step one for me is always considering ride […]

Only when we returned to pavement and the big rings came out to play did I suffer a disadvantage.

Long-Term Review: Wabi Cycles Thunder Elite Review – Single Speed Steel Versatility

“Wabi Cycles is a bicycle maker located in Tulsa, Oklahoma and shipping globally. Founded by industry veteran Richard Snook, Wabi is now run by a group of Tulsans, Jeremy, Curt and Matt. Richard remains involved in the company, and will continue to be a great resource for our customers.” – Wabi Cycles I’ve owned and ridden two […]

Dogears GPS Garmin repair review

Review: DOGEARS GPS – Garmin Billet Aluminum Mounting Plate – Fix Your Broken Garmin!

If you treat your Garmin unit right, it can last for years. But even when you do, sometimes problems arise. In my case, after more than 4 years of switching the 800 Edge unit between gravel, road and mountain bikes, eventually, the tabs on the bottom disc began to crack. Noticing the beginnings of this […]

Tour of Ara 2017: Bighead’s Big Adventure (Part Three – Final) – By Todd Leedy

Stage Five – Naaim de Vos: Calvinia to Sutherland, 161km “The morning road is, um, not in great condition”   Heading over to Hantam Huis for breakfast in the usual cold morning vest and arm warmers, I noticed the streets surprisingly slightly wet and a heavy mist in the air. No sign of pre-dawn light […]

Tour of Ara 2017: Bighead’s Big Adventure (Part Two) – By Todd Leedy

Stage Three – Mbotshwa Buda: Middelpos to Calvinia, 98km “There is something sticking out of your head” During our braai dinner following stage two, we heard the unfortunate news that Tour of Ara organizer Stan Engelbrecht’s beloved Alpina had been diagnosed with a cracked downtube. A fourth completed Tour not in the cards, he was […]

Tour of Ara 2017: Bighead’s Big Adventure (Part One) – By Todd Leedy

Prologue “Because I’m 50!” The Tour of Ara is a six-day stage race over a predominantly gravel road course in the ‘Great Karoo’ area of Northern Cape Province, South Africa. It began in 2014 as the brainchild of Stan Engelbrecht. Stan also runs the South Africa official L’Eroica event each year so you know he […]