panaracer gravelking purple olive mustard

NEW Colors for Panaracer Gravelking & Gravelking SK Tubeless Tires: Purple, Mustard & Olive!

Panaracer Gravelking and Gravelking SK tyres are arguably the best-selling gravel tyre available today, a place they hold despite being introduced to the market several years ago. Reviewed by JOM of Gravel Cyclist way back in 2016, this stalwart performer has become the go-to tyre for the Gravel Cyclist crew, particularly when riding in unchartered […]

zipp Tangente Course G40 gravel tire

Zipp launches the Tangente Course G40 Tubeless Tire: “Smooth Control Over Untamed Roads”

“Zipp’s new Tangente Course G40 (700x40c) is a purpose-built tubeless gravel/off pavement tire for smooth control over untamed roads. Grippy for aggressive riding, this tire provides the control and durability demanded by gravel, dirt, rocks, mud, whatever.” – Zipp “The Tangente Course G40 is a wide (40mm) tire designed for control, which in gravel translates […]

laurens ten dam joins specialized

Press Release: Laurens ten Dam joins Specialized as a Gravel Ambassador

“Dutch cyclist, Laurens ten Dam, is one of the very best climbers in the world, finishing top ten in the Tour de France and Vuelta a España during his career. But this season, Laurens is climbing a new mountain, and we’re proud to say, he’s doing it with Specialized.” – Specialized “Laurens is saying goodbye […]

evil chamois hagar review

EVIL Chamois Hagar Gravel Bike Review: “Shred Comes to Gravel”

Founded in 1999 and born again in 2008, Evil Bikes is predominantly a company that produces mountain bikes. That was until Evil went a bit crazy sometime in 2019, looked around to see what everyone else was passing off as a bike for gravelly road fun, and designed the Chamois Hagar; their vision of the […]

the social series uk

The Social Series – New UK Gravel Events for 2020

Calling all gravel-bashers and adventurous souls!   We wanted to put our money where our mouth is and after the success of last year’s Winter Social we came up with The Social Series. The Social Series will benefit from the many dirty miles we have experienced taking part in a host of events across the globe. […]

ride farr wider drop bar handlebar

Ride Farr goes Wide – R with their Drop Handlebar

With the ever-changing growth and evolution of gravel riding, it is only natural for rider setup and equipment preferences to change. Much like the sport of mountain biking evolved from the narrow 580mm width handlebars of the 1990’s to the +720mm minimum width of today’s XCO and marathon bikes, gravel riders are now asking for […]

2020 heartbreaker cycling invitational

VIDEO: 2020 9th Annual Heartbreaker Cycling Invitational – Gainesville, Florida

Organized by JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew, the Heartbreaker Cycling Invitational is an event that traverses some of Gainesville’s most beautiful roads. Featuring Live Oak canopies adorned with Spanish moss, dirt, limerock and paved roads, this ride has it all. The Heartbreaker isn’t really a race, but Ryan Woodall took the fastest time. Audio […]