2019 pisgah monster cross race report

Pisgah Monster Cross 2019: The Lollypop Loop of Dread – by K-Dogg

GravelCyclist.com raced Pisgah Monster Cross in 2015 and 2016 and loved every inch of it. There was something in it for everyone…mountains, mountain streams, thousands of feet of climbing on gravel and twenty miles of climbing on the smoothly paved Blue Ridge Parkway. There were gorgeous mountain top views and blue sky for miles in […]

masters gravel cycling

Master’s Gravel Racing Tips for Mega Success (probably not) – by K-Dogg

What “Ultra Masters” want and deserve… Plus helpful racing tips! After years of cajoling or begging gravel race promoters to add an “Ultra Masters” category (60+) it appears that they have largely relented. It’s just too hard for us flying fossils to compete with 50-year olds and definitely not with 40-year olds and under. Many […]

Dirty Kanza 200 2019. Some Kind of Redemption – by K-Dogg

Bicycle Boomers What an amazing time to be old! What an amazing time to ride a bike! How amazing that more than eighty-one 60 + year olds lined up for this brutally hot and hilly two hundred mile course! Dozens of us old guys finished ahead of many guys half our age. When did this […]

Race Report: 2018 Standard Deluxe Gravel Race – Waverly, Alabama

October 20, 2018 Last week, despite 33 odd years of racing I learned something new. It appears you actually can teach an old Dogg new tricks by simply observing how a race evolves. My lesson began early into the 63-mile race when suddenly and inexplicably I found myself in the winning break of about six […]

2018 crusher in the tushar

Race Report: 2018 Crusher in the Tushar – aka Slusher in the Tushar – by K-Dogg

“Be off the mountain by 12:00” they say. “That’s when the bad weather comes in” says just about anybody who lives near mountains. Mrs. K-Dogg and I are from Florida but have raced the Mt. Evans Hill Climb (14,265 feet) three times. All three times the rain came right at 12:00 and officials stopped the […]

2018 dirty kanza race report

Race Report: Quasimodo Rides a Bike… K-Dogg’s 2018 Dirty Kanza 200 Experience

My first attempt at DK200 in 2016 was wildly successful even though I did everything wrong and suffered like a dog most of the race. I didn’t drink enough water – didn’t have the capacity to carry enough water – went way too hard the first 100 miles and didn’t carry the right food. I […]

Dirty Kanza 200: K-Dogg’s Countdown List for 2018

Trendsetters (taking cues from JOM), here we are again about to take part in this grand adventure under the wide open skies of Kansas! To assuage my pre-race nerves I make lists of what to bring. This is my third Dirty Kanza adventure, although last year I crashed out. The list: Do not crash out. […]

Race Report: 2018 Bootlegger 100 – Lenoir, North Carolina by K-Dogg

Bootlegger 100 Gravel Race, April 2018 Promoter Eric Wever said gravel conditions were harder than last year and that finish times were about 40 minutes slower (JOM disagrees with this statement, considering the first edition was held in rain… link to video!) Having never done this race before all I knew for sure was that […]