gravel cycling in southern georgia

Pelham, Baconton, Camilla & beyond… rambling about Georgia, USA

Circa May / June / July 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic continues to persist, but that isn’t stopping me from continuing my solo exploration of mixed-surface roads and towns far off the beaten track. My travel opportunities of late have been limited to weekend getaways as I simply refuse to fly at the time of this […]

gravel cycling near the baltic sea

A Gravel Ride by the Baltic Sea: Hansegravel by Timo Rokitta

Hanse is the name of the association of North German merchants between the mid-12th century and the mid-17th century, the aim of which was to promote free trade and common interests abroad. The first cities to form a covenant were Lübeck and Hamburg. Other coastal cities such as Lübeck, Hamburg, Bremen, Wismar, Rostock, Stralsund, Greifswald, […]

touring downtown tampa by bicycle

Touring Downtown Tampa, Florida by Gravel Bike! A Mostly Quiet Day of Exploration

Tampa is a major city in, and the county seat of, Hillsborough County, Florida, United States. It is on the west coast of Florida on Tampa Bay, near the Gulf of Mexico. Tampa is the largest city in the Tampa Bay Area. With a population of 399,700 in 2019, Tampa is the third-largest city in […]

quiring cycles custom stainless steel gravel bike

2013 Quiring Cycles Custom Stainless Steel Gravel Bike: Way Ahead of its Time!

Meet the 2013 Quiring Cycles Custom Stainless Steel Gravel bike owned by Gravel Cyclist’s very own, Dr. Pain. This bike has been featured on the website in the past, but not in video format. The bike came about out of the necessity of creating a safer experience on gnarly gravel. Events such as 3 Peaks […]

hellhole gravel grind gravel race podcast

Podcast: Hellhole Gravel Grind Stage Race of South Carolina: The Original Gravel Stage Race

Our partner in podcasting, The Gravel Ride Podcast, talks with Geoff Duncan and Chris Moore of the Hellhole Gravel Grind stage race in South Carolina. The team has an innovative format making for a fun weekend away! Hellhole Gravel Grind Stage Race Website – Hellhole Gravel Grind Facebook Page Automatic Transcription by The Gravel Ride (please […]

gravel cycling in nashville georgia

Gravel Cycling around Nashville!… the other Nashville… Nashville, Georgia & Surrounds!

Nashville is a city in Berrien County, Georgia, United States, and the population was 4,939 at the 2010 census. The city is the county seat of Berrien Count and is called the “City of Dogwoods”, as the tree grows in large numbers around the area. Nashville was founded in about 1840 and was incorporated as […]

oregon gravel scenic bikeway

Oregon’s first Gravel Scenic Bikeway opens to the Public: A Partnership with Dirty Freehub & Visit Bend

Cyclists craving new adventure will have their wish granted as Oregon’s first Gravel Scenic Bikeway opens to the public. The new Cascades Gravel Scenic Bikeway is a collection of curated gravel riding routes around Bend and Central Oregon. Dirty Freehub and Visit Bend partnered to create six different routes ranging in difficulty. “Gravel cycling has […]

cycling in hawthorne florida

Exploring the hinterlands of Hawthorne, Florida: Sand, Heat, Flies & Historic places!

Hawthorne is a city in Alachua County, Florida, United States, incorporated in 1881. Indigenous peoples of the Americas had been living in the area since around 100 CE; Hawthorne grew around their trading trails. Throughout its history, Hawthorne has been known for its agriculture, railroad, and rural lifestyle. Hawthorne’s population was 1,417 at the 2010 […]