embezzlers are the lowest form of life gainesville florida

EMBEZZLERS are the Lowest Form of Life (Have a Nice Day): Recovery Ride, Gainesville, Florida

EMBEZZLER: Someone who secretly takes money that is in their care or that belongs to an organization or business they work for. The Embezzler’s sign is one of two photography landmarks for those into mixed-surface / gravel cycling should you reside in or visit Gainesville, Florida. Circa May 2020, I have no idea who erected […]

Ritte Satyr steel gravel bike review

Ritte Satyr Steel Gravel Bike with Shimano GRX 1x: Unboxing & Features

Founded in 2009, I believe somewhere in Los Angeles / Southern California (please feel free to correct me, details on the Ritte website are scant), Ritte is all about “Bicycles for the fun and glory of all humankind.” With that brief introduction out of the way, onto the company’s steel gravel bike, The Satyr. “The […]

specialized diverge 2020 future shock 2.0

All-New Specialized Diverge 2020 / 2021 with Future Shock 2.0: FIRST RIDE IMPRESSIONS

When Specialized released the original Diverge a few years ago, they set themselves a lofty goal, meaning, let’s make a bike that can handle pavement, flowy singletrack, gravelly roads and everything in between. Huh? I’m not an engineer but I do have enough cycling experience to understand that a “do-it-all” bike usually has a trade-off […]

fsa k-force we review gravel

FSA K-Force WE Gravel Bike Drivetrain Project! – Part Two – The Frame

In Part One, we introduced the drivetrain for this project, FSA WE. “FSA presents its first drivetrain: after years of study and development, K-Force WE is ready to ride. K-Force WE is a high-tech electronic groupset with an elegant design. A unique product that will make you change the way you ride your bike. Long […]

beer run on a gravel bike

Making a Beer Run with the Beervagen! Towed by a Colnago C50 Cross Bike

Beer is proof that Mother Nature wants humans to be happy. “We found that drinking a glass of beer helps people see happy faces faster, and enhances concern for positive emotional situations,” said lead researcher Matthias Liechti, head of psychopharmacology research at University Hospital in Basel, Switzerland. “In other words, drinking beer might make you […]

gravel cyclist after work training ride

The Long Loop: Gravel Cyclist After Work Training Ride – Gainesville, Florida

Need to forget about the labo(u)rs of the day? Yes! If you’re like yours truly, you work a regular job that takes up most of your day, and you do your best to avoid the stress. Low stress is proven to promote a long and fruitful life, aided by engaging in a relaxing or athletic […]

wild chicken 100 ride festival fitzgerald georgia

The Wild Chicken 100 Gravel Ride: Fitzgerald Georgia, USA & More!

Yours truly is extremely motivated to ride and explore, despite what is happening on the planet with the Covid-19 pandemic. If you love exploring on the gravelly roads less traveled, now is the perfect time to do so. Less cars, less people, it is a good time to be a cyclist, assuming you are permitted […]

cyclist etiquette around horses

Cyclist Etiquette around Horses

Taking the gravelly road less traveled, you invariably encounter all manner of interesting people, animals and vehicles. If you ride these roads on a frequent basis, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll encounter horses and their riders. I’m no expert in the matter, but I used to ride horses a long time ago, […]