Clayton Bramlett’s SOMA Double Cross

SOMA Fabrications Double Cross A little about the philosophy behind SOMA Fabrications, courtesy of their website: “Practical, durable, comfortable, affordable… these are the primary forces shaping Soma’s ideology. But why do so many other companies try to emulate the racing world when it’s the smallest segment of the market? Our local bike shops have felt […]

American Classic Double Wheelbag Review

The humble wheelbag has to be one of the most overlooked and forgotten pieces of cycling gear in existence.  I mean, do you walk around the house thinking, wow, I am so blown away by how amazing my wheelbags are, as they languish in the closet.  Not bloody likely. So, when do you think about […]

Scott’s Niner BSB 9 RDO

Scott’s Niner BSB 9 RDO Scott, a Florida based Gainesvilleite, is another convert to the world of dirt, limerock and gravel cycling and racing. After much deliberation, Scott chose the BSB 9 RDO frameset, which is Niner’s primo drop bar offering.  The BSB 9 RDO has tire (tyre) clearance for 40mm of rubber, dependent on […]

American Classic Race 29’er Wheelset Review

The American Classic Race 29’er wheelset has been reviewed countless times before.  Where this review differs, is the genre of racing and cycling for which this wheelset has been used.  For over 15 months, the American Classic Race 29’er wheelset has been part of my Ultra CX / Monster CX arsenal. At the time of […]

Interbike 2014 Day 2 – Dirt & Gravel Goodies

Greetings from Interbike 2014, day two.  During today’s downtime, I photographed several bikes and parts of interest.  Enjoy!

A Visit to American Classic – Wheelmakers Extraordinaire

Recently, I had the opportunity to tour inside American Classic’s North American Headquarters, in Tampa, Florida.  I’ve been using the company’s wheels for many years, on several of my personal gravel, limerock and road bikes. During my brief visit, the American Classic staff were busily preparing for the upcoming Interbike trade show (visit them at […]