JOM’s Dirty 40 Race Bike

For those who don’t know me, I’m a bit of an equipment nut.  I source the parts and assemble most of my bikes myself.  Not a fan of out of the box, pre-assembled bikes.  This ensures I know what’s going into the bike, and have myself to blame when something screws up on the bike.  […]

Dirty 40 Race Video – 2014 Edition

Greetings and salutations viewers, I have returned to Florida.  In between work, washing clothes, squeezing a slacker ride in, grabbing my mail, pulling weeds, and unpacking the car, I managed to put together my Dirty 40 race video experience.  I still need to go grocery shopping… Without further delay, enjoy the video, be sure to […]

JOM’s Dirty 40 Race Report – 2014

About the Race The Dirty 40 was the 5th race of the American Ultra Cross Series, held in beautiful Derby, Vermont, very close to the Canadian border.  The second edition of the race took place on August 30, 2014.  While advertised as a 60 mile race with approximately 40 miles of gravel roads, in reality […]

Dirty 40 Ride Preview 2014 – The Full Monty

Trendsetters, greetings from Derby, Vermont.  I’m visiting this beautiful area of the country, because this weekend, I’m racing the next round of the North American Ultracross Series; The Dirty 40 (or the Dirty 70 as I prefer to call it). Today, I rode the entire course.  How can I do that considering the organizers are […]