Fried Green 50 2015 – The Race VIDEO

Sunday, November 1, 2015 – The Fried Green 50 is 50 mile gravel race in the Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge that starts and finishes on the outskirts of Juliette, Georgia. Race report by K-Dogg. We hope you enjoy this short video of the 2015 Fried Green 50, in the beauty of High Definition (720p and […]

Fried Green 50 2015 Race Report: by K-Dogg

Politically correct or not, I love the Uncle Remus stories. As a kid I wanted to be Br’er Rabbit, who constantly eluded or outwitted Br’er Fox. The stories were written by Joel Chandler Harris who lived in Eatonton, Georgia almost next door to Juliette, host town of the Fried Green 50.   So I (K-Dogg) […]