VIDEO K-Dogg’s L’Eroica Ride Experience 2014

From the L’Eroica website. “L’Eroica is a foundation whose purpose is to safeguard the heritage of the white roads of Tuscany. These romantic ideals gave rise to the idea of the cycling event born in 1997. At the start, at the time, there were 92 “hunters of feelings and emotions”, but now Eroica is an […]

K-Dogg’s L’Eroica Ride Report 2014

Gravel Cyclist presents one of the most epic ride reports ever. This is K-Dogg’s story about the L’Eroica ride.  Update 10/18/2014 – K-Dogg’s Ride Video.   The Heros: “An exercise in environmental sustainability to safeguard the white roads or strada biancha of Tuscany.” Most entry money (30 Euros) goes toward making sure these sacred roads […]

More sights from L’Eroica 2014

Mr and Mrs K-Dogg returned last week from their epic ride at the L’Eroica ride in Italy. While the staff here at Gravel Cyclist are waiting for that slacker K-Dogg to write his epic ride report :), please enjoy photos of local museum bikes, and a tasty liquor establishment.  K-Dogg took along his GoPro, so […]

L’Eroica Reconnaisance Report Number 2 – 2014

K-Dogg’s Thursday Reconnaissance Ride The event gets tricky early, with a descent on the first gravel section about eight miles from the start in Gaiole… at about 5:30 a.m.  Check out Castagnoli (private castle) in the background behind K-Dogg. Twelve percent (12%) gradient up to the castle and down again.  We’ll do this in the […]

Pre L’Eroica Reconnoitering 2014

Our roving reporter K-Dogg, has chimed in with his first report from L’Eroica.  Click an image to see the full-size version. From K-Dogg: Drove the entire 205 k course.  It took 5+ hours to just drive it like a maniac. Did I mention the scary descents with really shitty antique brakes? I’m going to talk […]