Race Report: 2016 Love Valley Roubaix – by JOM

Thursday’s predicted weather forecast for Sunday’s Love Valley Roubaix race (21st March, 2016) – a high of 44 degrees Fahreiheit / 7 degrees Celcius with at least 60% chance of cold rainfall. The embers that fueled the fire for my love of Love Valley Roubaix looked to be extinguished like a cheap candle. But come Friday afternoon, […]

Love Valley Roubaix 2015 Race Report: by K-Dogg

“Florida idiots.” That’s what we are… Florida idiots. Drive eight hours north away from sunny and warm to race three hours in face numbing cold. Walking 50 yards to registration at 26 degrees fahrenheit it was painfully obvious we were morons. Morons with just barely enough clothes to survive temperatures suddenly 15 degrees colder than […]

Love Valley Roubaix 2015 Race VIDEO

Today may be April 1st, 2015, but this race video is no joke. Love Valley Roubaix, a bicycle race approximately 50 miles in length, meanders through the Brushy Mountains of North Carolina, along a mixture of dirt, gravel and paved roads. Check out JOM’s race report HERE. Please enjoy the race video, in the beauty […]

Love Valley Roubaix 2015 Race Report: by JOM

Love Valley, North Carolina is a Western themed town / horse community that sits at the base of the Brushy Mountains, about 16 miles north of Statesville. The town features a legitimate saloon, hitching posts and a general store. Motorized vehicles are not allowed within the city limits – horses and bicycles only. Love Valley […]