Sac O Suds 50 Race Report 2015 – The Winner’s Perspective

Internet search results for information about the Sac O Suds 50 and the surrounding area produce results about the filming of two notable movies in the area. A more important notable feature for yours truly, the Headmaster, is the abundance of high quality gravel roads waiting for the cycling adventurist. A few hundred meters over […]

VIDEO: Sac O Suds 50 Race 2014

About the Event Read more about the event, courtesy of the Race reports from JOM (HERE) and FarmerG (HERE). Event Video – Best viewed in HD! Don’t forget to subscribe to the Gravel Cyclist YouTube Channel. Thanks for watching!

Sac O Suds 50 Ride Report 2014 – FarmerG’s Perspective

Quoted directly from the man himself, FarmerG. Great day on the bike at the Sac O Suds 50 Nice group of five formed about 15 minutes in with myself and Jayson O’Mahoney on CX/Gravel bikes, and Jeff Clayton, Chris Coren and Cal on mountain bikes. Kept it together out to the loop in the lollipop […]

Sac O Suds 50 Ride Report 2014 – JOM’s Perspective

About the Event The Sac O Suds 50 is a 50 mile gravel grinder event / race beginning and ending in the small town of Juliette, Georgia.  The race heads north along the river road to the Sac O Suds store, which was featured in the movie, “My Cousin Vinny“.  Approximately four miles prior to […]

Sac O Suds 50 2014 – Sneak Peak

Sac-O-Suds 50 Tomorrow in Juliette, Georgia, Gravel Cyclist and another lunatic from Gainesville, Florida, will be appearing at the inaugural Sac-O-Suds 50. I (JOM) won’t be giving too much away, primarily because I only had time to ride the northern loop of the course.  Additionally, I’ll be keeping what little tribal knowledge I have to […]