VIDEO: Savage CX 2014 Race

Better late than never I raced Savage CX on August 23rd, 2014, but due to work, travel, racing, maintaining a house, falling ill and generally running out of time, it took longer than usual to produce this video.  To the event promoter Cam, I offer my most humble apologies.  Hopefully the video does not disappoint!  […]

K-Dogg’s Savage CX Race Report – 2014

Savage Monster CX, Version 2 “I’d much rather suffer pain than terror in a bike race,” I complained to anyone around me as I yet again clawed back to my companions. I can throw my 148 pound skeleton up hill pretty well for a 59 year old… but descend like a plucked chicken with acrophobia.  […]

JOM’s Savage CX Race Report – 2014

About the Race Savage CX 2014, race #1 of the Blue Ridge Monster Cross Series – August 23, 2014. From the event website – “Savage CX is held in the only designated Wilderness area in North Carolina, it is wild and scenic.  Often called the Grand Canyon of North Carolina, you will be in for […]

Serenity before the mayhem of Savage CX

Tomorrow, we race Savage CX in the mountains of North Carolina.  Today, we did an early evening ride to shake out the bikes, and legs.  Some photos for your enjoyment.