Race Report: 2016 Southern Cross – by Greg “FarmerG” Schisla

After last year’s weather delay (and other delays in past editions of the Southern Cross), the move of the race date forward to the start of March proved to be a good choice. Despite this, weather in the Georgia mountains maintained its reputation for being unpredictable. Case in point, I had ridden the new five mile […]

Found: Bonus Southern Cross 2015 Footage

An anonymous contributor sent in this piece of footage from the 2015 Southern Cross Race – think of it as the Springer Mountain Slip ‘n’ Slide. We can report the rider safely finished the race with almost no injuries 🙂 Thanks for viewing!

Southern Cross 2015 Race VIDEO

Earlier this week, Gravel Cyclist documented the stories of three lads who reside in Gainesville, Florida, and their experience at the 2015 Southern Cross Race in Dahlonega, Georgia. Now it’s time to present the race video, from the perspective of those lads – K-Dogg, Dr. Pain and JOM. This isn’t our longest video, due to […]

Throw Up Thursday: Southern Cross Race 2012 and Mr. Dobalina

You’ve heard of Throwback Thursday. We prefer to call it Throw Up Thursday. Remind yourself of the suffering you endured at a prior race, telling yourself at the time you’ll never do it again. Yet by the time next year’s edition of the race rolls around, you’ve signed up for it, and dragged along a […]

Throwback Thursday: K-Dogg’s Southern Cross 2013 Race Report

This Throwback Thursday report comes to you courtesy of our mate, K-Dogg. Mountain people say if you don’t like the weather just wait 10 minutes and it will change. They lie. The 51 mile, 2013 Southern Cross Ultra CX race was 28F degrees at the start and 34F degrees at the finish, 3 1/2 cold miserable […]