Tim Proctor’s Sub 9 Gravel Grovel Race Winning Trek Boone

The Sub 9 Gravel Grovel may have been a month ago, but everyone likes to look at bike gear.  Mr Proctor was kind enough to send me his bike specifications, along with some photos. You’re looking at the machine that won the Overall and Masters 40+ titles respectively at the 2014 Sub 9 Gravel Grovel.  […]

Sub 9 Gravel Grovel 2014 – The Winner’s Race Report!

Tim Proctor’s Sub 9 Gravel Grovel Race Report The Gravel Grovel is held every year the weekend after Thanksgiving in my “backyard”, the Hoosier National Forest, I’ve participated in all 6 editions.  This year, it was also the final round of the American Ultra Cross series of 8 gravel road races which spans almost the […]

Sub 9 Gravel Grovel Race Report 2014

From the Promoter, “Mother Nature’s Cyclocross Race Through the Beautiful Hoosier National Forest and Beyond!”  Check out the official race website. I (JOM) wholeheartedly agree with the promoter’s statement.  Not that I had a whole lot of time to admire the scenery on race day. The Sub 9 Gravel Grovel consists of 60 miles of […]

Sub 9 Gravel Grovel Half Arsed Pre-Ride 2014

Half Arsed? Half arsed because I barely had enough time to ride half the course. Fading daylight, cold as $hite, taking too many photos, and crashing during a stream crossing (meaning I was a bit submerged), were all reasons I didn’t see as much as I’d like today. Read more about the Sub 9 Gravel […]