Survey 2018: How do you Roll on Gravel?

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The survey runs from Wednesday 12/26/2018 – Friday 01/11/2019. Results will be shared when the survey closes.

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gravel cycling survey

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15 comments on “Survey 2018: How do you Roll on Gravel?

  1. As far as deciding whether or not a gravel race needs sanctioning, I think there are races that’s could benefit from it, but I also think the idea of a “fun ride” will forever exist and keep events from having rules and just be for fun.

  2. At some point ebikes for gravel needs to be reviewed. A separate publications for recreational and racing. Put some front runners in Gravel Cyclist kit and have them do reports and include the ladies

  3. E-bikes, ew gross, vomit endlessly. I think motorbikes are best suited for some other website as far away as possible – unless you really want to go that way since it is your website after all!

    1. When you have friends who can no longer ride with you because of health issues, an ebike is a great idea, particularly for their mental and emotional wellbeing

      1. Excellent point! It can be a good equalizer for couples as well. I get the opportunity to ride approx 10,000 miles a year while my wife is lucky to have a 1,000 miles. I’m looking forward to buying her an e gravel bike so we both can enjoy riding together.

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