ENVE Builders Summit combines Handbuilt Bikes & Grodeo Gravel Ride!

This past week, 20 custom frame builders gathered at ENVE Composites for the first annual Builders Summit and Open House, a multi-day event that brought some of the most renowned frame builders to Ogden, Utah. The collaboration between ENVE and the handmade builder community was multi-faceted and included discussions around current and future trends, and exercises in composite layup. Additionally, each builder displayed one of their latest builds during a Friday evening public open house, attended by 200 consumers.

enve builders summit 2019
Photo by John Watson

The handmade builders have been an integral part of ENVE’s success over the past 12 years and creating an event to celebrate their artistry and innovation had been a longtime goal. Held at ENVE’s headquarters, the event offered a unique opportunity to bring together ENVE’s builder partners with a consumer element.

enve builders summit 2019
Photo by John Watson

ENVE’s VP of Product and Brand Jake Pantone said, “When we decided to build our new manufacturing facility and headquarters, which we moved into nearly three years ago, one of the objectives was to create a hub for the cyclists who live in and visit Ogden. Opening our doors to the public is something we enjoy more than anything as it delivers a unique perspective and insight into our operation and what we do to create the best products available. Having our custom frame builder partners in house to discuss their needs, the state of cycling, and showcase their latest creations was the icing on the cake.”

enve builders summit 2019
Photo by John Watson

Following the Friday evening open house, things shifted gears on Saturday and went from looking and talking about bikes, to actually riding them. A new gravel event that ENVE plans to officially introduce in 2020 called the Grodeo offered 88 and 47-mile route options, starting and finishing from ENVE. The ride served as a test for next year and treated a select group of 40 riders to some of the most memorable dirt roads and singletrack Utah’s Wasatch mountain range has to offer.

Look for ENVE to release dates of the 2020 Builders Summit Open House and Grodeo gravel event later this year.

Bikes of the ENVE Builder Open House *:

* Not all bikes are presented in the gallery below. All of the gravel bikes are featured along with some of the road bikes.

ENVE Builders Summit Gallery – Photos by John Watson

Inside ENVE at the Summit – Photos by Ian Matteson

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