Sidi enters the Gravel fray with shoes for the Gravelly Road Less Traveled

sidi gravel shoe 2021

Sidi is a name synonymous with cycling, whether it be for road or mountain. But, Sidi has been dragging behind the curve of at least one or two manufacturers who released gravel-specific shoes to the market for some time ago. We all know that MTB-specific shoes get the job done, but cycling wouldn’t be cycling unless there was a new product to entice you.

sidi gravel shoe 2021

Drawing from the design cues of their MTB lineup, Sidi takes their MTB competition sole, the base for the Sidi Gravel shoe.

Features include:

  • “MTB competition sole for efficient pedaling and excellent traction off the bike and is toe spike compatible for muddy conditions.”
  • “Single Tecno 3 Precision dial ratchet for easy adjustment and a secure custom fit.”
  • “External, reinforced heel cup for superior fit, power transfer, and reduction of heel slip.”
  • “Legendary Sidi quality and construction.”
  • “Clean design and color options.”
  • “Politex Suede Upper with protective polyurethane padding at the ankle.”
  • “Abrasion-resistant toe cap.”

sidi gravel shoe 2021

Sizing and Pricing

Retail price is $US 239.99 with available sizes of Euro 38 to 48, and half-sizes from 39.5 to 46.5. No word on wide toe box options at this time.

Available colors are Dark Green and Brown.


7 comments on “Sidi enters the Gravel fray with shoes for the Gravelly Road Less Traveled

  1. The new black “rubbery” cleats wear out much quicker than the old harder red and gray ones. I wore out a pair in one month, and NO hike-a-Bike contribution. The Drako cleats will fit the shoes…

  2. Been riding Sidi Drako 2’s for over a year now. Looks like the sole of this shoe has rubber traction material in the arch area. This would make unclipped riding much easier. The Drako 2 and Jarin both have smooth carbon in the arch area. Very slippery.

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