Photo Feature: Random Gravel of the World – Part Two

The Gravel Cyclist crew loves riding near and far on the road less travelled. This random selection of images taken over the past four years should be considered as part two of more to come.

Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, USA

The Summer of 2015.
Views like this, all day long.

Morgantown, West Virginia, USA – Hilly Billy Roubaix

Scenes from the three occasions the Gravel Cyclist crew have attended this race.

Pre-riding some of the course.
One of the wetter editions of Hilly Billy Roubaix.
There is ALWAYS chaos on Indian Creek Road.
Shawn Moore of North Carolina at the finish of a dirty edition.
JOM’s about to get mega sludged (before he founded Gravel Cyclist).

New South Wales, Australia

James of rocks his mega righteous beard.
Our Aussie readers will get this… Ned Kelly on a bicycle!
Only in Australia do you see Kangaroos beside a gravel road.
Watch out for Wombats!
Ferrying gravel bikes across Sydney Harbour.
T-Lab X3 review bike in Sydney Harbour.

North Central Florida, USA

Photos by our friends at Atomik Carbon, hosts of the Rocks, Roads and Reggae event.

2017 Rocks, Roads, Reggae Gravel Bikepacking event in Gainesville, Florida.

Note, the 2018 Rocks, Roads and Reggae Bikepacking video is coming soon!

Bellamy Road, the first federal highway in Florida.
Zach of BikeRumor on Bellamy Road.
Oleno State Park, home of the campsite; a small gathering of the attendees.
Good times!
Newbies to Gainesville’s dirt/gravel roads are always photographed here.

Georgia, USA

K-Dogg and The Couch at the 2017 Sasquatch 125 bikepacking event.
You know you’re in Georgia during cotton season when…
That’s a whole lot of cotton.
JOM riding inappropriate roads and bridges, again.

South Australia

Don’t ride here in the Aussie winter.
Somewhere in the Barossa Valley.
Vineyards and a beautiful sky.
Red roads aren’t just found in Georgia and Oklahoma.

These two images aren’t exactly gravel, but JOM has worked media at the Tour Down Under in the past. In addition, he’s tagged along on some training rides with the pro riders.

JOM and Gumby riding with Jens Voigt, Tour Down Under training ride.
JOM and Gumby riding with André Greipel.

New England and New York State, USA

New Hampshire gravel.
More New Hampshire.
Somewhere in Upstate New York.
Somewhere else in Upstate New York.
Vermont gravel.
Vermont Gravel, JOM’s Colnago C50 CX bike (28mm tubeless tyres).
Somewhere close to the Canadian border.

Quebec, Canada

Riding into Canada by bicycle (see the bike parked by the entry office).
Metric in Canada!
Quebec, Canada hard pack gravel roads.
These roads are so hardpack, JOM rode 28mm roadie tubeless tyres.


Riding in and around Montreal, Quebec.
Downtown Montreal.
Commuter bikes in downtown Quebec.

Taiwan, King of the Mountain Challenge

It’s not a gravel event, but there was a stretch of gravel in 2016 on the climb! JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew was one of the invited media in a collaborative effort with our friends at

JOM’s Ritchey Breakaway gravel travel bike.

You can see the bike above in greater detail at this LINK.

Journalists signing some autographs. Photo by Taiwan Cycling Federation.
The Taroko Gorge. Photo by Paolo Martinelli.
JOM aboard arguably the only CX bike to ever contest the KOM.
Gravel road madness at the Taiwan KOM!

If you have images from your part of that world that you’d like to share with the Gravel Cyclist audience, please Contact Us.

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