RIDE VIDEO: A Newbie to Gravel Cycling. Kristy’s first gravel ride!

Friend of the Gravel Cyclist crew, Kristy, is relatively new to cycling. She began riding on the pavement about a year ago, and has been passionate about cycling ever since. That same passion attracted her to the other side of cycling – arguably the mega fun side – gravel cycling!

She bought herself a sweet as eff gravel bike, the 3T Exploro, and joined JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew, along with Shane, another lad who digs getting dirty, for her first ever ride on dirt and gravel roads!

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One thought on “RIDE VIDEO: A Newbie to Gravel Cycling. Kristy’s first gravel ride!

  1. Well done Kirsty, sweet ride, thinking of the 3T myself but swaying towards the Open U.P? I can’t wait to ride my first gravel route, been looking at Gravel map UK and planning as much gravel as I can to rides in my local area.

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