RIDE VIDEO: Blackwater River State Forest / Brewton, Alabama Gravel Ride!

Blackwater River State Forest is one of the largest state forests in Florida and is named for the Blackwater River, which begins to the north in Alabama and meanders approximately 30 miles southwestward through the forest into Blackwater Bay, near Milton, Florida.

Brewton, Alabama is a small town just north of the Florida Panhandle, home to about 5,500 people, and an area known for its industries relating to all facets of timber.

blackwater river state forest gravel ride

JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew assembled a route to visit both of these areas on November 10, 2018, just a few days after most of the USA switched to regular daylight hours. 68 miles / 108kms of awesome fun!

* Note: The watery dam-like structure towards the end of the video is a Beaver Dam! Yours truly didn’t know about the existence of Beavers in Florida!

Review goodies featured in the video: Litespeed Bicycles Ultimate G gravel bike, ENVE Composites G27 650b wheels and WTB Sendero tyres.

Thanks for watching!

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2 comments on “RIDE VIDEO: Blackwater River State Forest / Brewton, Alabama Gravel Ride!

  1. Trivia: The yellow and silver train cars at the end of the train footage are automobile carriers. The silver covering is angled so as to deflect bullets. Shooting automobiles on trains is/was a popular passtime among rural folk out in them thar hills ‘n hollers. Big ol’ bullet holes used to be the number one defect on new cars arriving at dealerships.

  2. I live about 2 hours east of Blackwater and would love to make a weekend ride of those roads. What advice/guidance would you offer in planning. I fear getting lost and/or ending up somewhere I do not need to be.

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