T-Lab All-Terrain X3 Titanium Gravel Bike Review: with Shimano GRX Di2

“We meticulously engineer, manufacture and finish every T-Lab frame out of our headquarters in Montreal, Québec.”

2020 t-lab all-terrain x3 gravel bike review

“To redefine what’s possible with titanium, our engineering and design team is urged to innovate at all levels. Starting with the development of proprietary, precision forming techniques that allow us to radically shape the noblest of bike-building metals without compromising its inherent properties.”

“Given that capability, we can create something truly remarkable: shapely Ti bike frames that deliver composite-inspired performance characteristics and everlasting durability, all while turning heads along the way.” – T-Lab Bikes

2020 t-lab all-terrain x3 gravel bike review

2020 T-Lab All-Terrain X3:

  • The 2020 variant of the X3 sees marked improvements from the original; the compact rear triangle now accommodates tires up to 700c x 45mm and 650B x 51mm.
  • Proprietary shaping technology produces an exceptionally profiled titanium frame that delivers 30% more lateral stiffness and related performance versus leading round-tube Ti frames.
  • T-One Dropout; this future-proof design offers an exponential advantage with regards to stiffness, shifting precision, adaptability and durability.
  • Plenty of attachment points to carry gear, including the full-carbon fork.
  • A ton of finishing options.
  • This variant weighs about 18.5lbs including pedals, cages, etc.
  • Note about the Bento Box critique in the video – this is available as an option on the X3!

2020 t-lab all-terrain x3 gravel bike review

In this review video, JOM of Gravel Cyclist takes the 2020 T-Lab X3 to his Aussie homeland, for five weeks of gravelly road riding in the states of Victoria and South Australia. Highlights include rides in the Australian Alps, Barossa Valley, Clare Valley, McLaren Vale, Flinders Ranges and a lot more. Be sure to subscribe to the channel for more of JOM’s rides from his Australian Summer of Gravel, 2019 / 2020 edition.

2020 t-lab all-terrain x3 gravel bike review

Additionally, the X3 has seen plenty of action back in the USA, making appearances at two Florida grass-roots gravel events and a ton of training kms / miles.

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7 comments on “T-Lab All-Terrain X3 Titanium Gravel Bike Review: with Shimano GRX Di2

  1. Did you weigh the complete bike with the Enve wheels? I do not consider weight to be that important as I can stand to lose more weight than my bike ever can but I’m always curious how titanium bikes stack up against their carbon brethren.

    1. Brian, I amended the weight to the review text, it was missed in the video. You’re looking at around 18.4lbs.

      Carbon can go lighter but I like the ride and resilience of titanium.

      1. JOM, That is a very respectable weight for a gravel bike. I own a shop in Chicago and sell many 3T Exploros and Cervelo Asperos that come in at that same weight. I was a Guru dealer at a previous shop and I am going to start representing T-Lab as well. Like you I love the ride of titanium and because of it’s resilience I think it is the perfect material for a gravel bike. Thanks for the great review.

    1. Sorry Steve, I generally avoid making comparisons like that. I review the bikes, and like my audience to figure it out for themselves. Regardless, thanks for your question.

  2. Great review Jom – very detailed. I’d say you like the bike! Looking forward to getting mine in March for my build. I’ll let you know how it rides! Thanks again.

  3. Hi JOM
    Great work as always. You do a outstanding job of advertising our beautiful state of South Australia too!

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